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 this site map also hosts the official archives of the following discontinued knife throwing websites:
Thrower Sticking Point
At, you can access the

(external link / new window)John Bailey Archive

What`s new at

We got quite a huge site, making it impossible to surf through all pages to find something new. That`s why important updates are listed here. Minor changes, including new entries in our links-page, will not show up. Be sure to visit our (external link / new window)blog "" with all kind of funny tidbits and news around knife throwing.

24.03.2024 The updated calendar shows the Top 20 knife throwing competitions in Europe in 2024. Calendrier des rencotres de lancer de couteaux 2024 aussi disponible en français.
02.04.2023 Updated the knife and axe throwing event calendar to show all the relevant 2023 events.
Les dates des rencontres de lancer de couteaux et haches de 2023, c'est désormais disponible.
21.01.2023 Added an article (in Russian language) by Andrey Goryachkin that summarizes the development of the throwing sport worldwide, and lists ideas how to make it more popular. I contributed some pointers in the research phase of the student project.
15.01.2023 Knife throwing art generated with the help of Artificial Intelligence
05.01.2023 Fun knife throwing memes and art
06.05.2022 Our throwing knives shop has moved to
05.05.2022 The (external link / new window)John Bailey Archive is available at It contains a static snapshot of John's knife throwing advice, his throwing photo stories, and the Sunshine Knife Outlet.
18.04.2021 The basic knowledge on throwing knives was spread over several pages, and has now been concentrated in the throwing knives handbook. Dive into the throwing knife specifics in the chapters tip, weight, throwing knife anatomy, knife sheath, and knife care. New diagrams and animations make the throwing knife knowledge easy to understand and apply. The startpage got a new look so visitors can quickly see which aspects of knife throwing (sport, knives, how to throw) are covered.
18.04.2021 Enjoy browsing the previews of all the throwing knives test reports and the throwing knife collections on one page. Dieter Führer's collection of Solingen throwing knives was added.
31.01.2021 Presentation of Adam's new AceJet shop, recommending a no-spin throwing knife.
15.11.2020 The article on balance and center of gravity of a throwing knife has received more details and reasoning - as well as some photos, and weight ratio numbers on common throwing knives.
13.11.2020 Added a destroyed knife throwing target - to show that targets made from blocks will not last long.
07.11.2020 The Faka throwing knife is available in our online shop. As of now, it can also be ordered at (external link / new window)Toolshop.
24.10.2020 For the fourth generation of the Faka throwing knife, the review has received more images - and a more detailed description.
08.08.2020 For increased reading ease - especially on mobile phones - the website now has larger line spacing and employs a sans serif font.
06.06.2020 The four chapters of our knife throwing section (grips, distances, the throw, and training) are now united in one How to Throw a Knife page.
25.05.2020 The Great Throwdini kindly provided an image sequence of him throwing - observed from above.
25.02.2020 Answers on fiberglass axe replacement handles for throwing.
06.10.2019 Report and photos from the World Championship in Newark are available.
27.04.2019 Our pages are now delivered via https (TLS). That means somebody listening in on the data pipes can know that you visit, but can not tell which articles you read.
15.09.2018 Report on and photos form the World Championship 2018 in Rýmařov.
08.04.2018 Quick-change knife throwing target construction that lets you easily replace the wood. Blueprints included.
28.01.2018 How to quickly spray-paint your target using a template.
21.10.2017 Added a report, photos and results from the European Championship in Knife Throwing and Axe Throwing in Hungary 2017.
13.08.2017 Added a review of Shenk's non-comprehensive book on knife throwing.
12.02.2017 Added TomToms video tutorial on no-spin knife throwing.
14.01.2017 Update: The throwing knives Easy-Stik Pro and Magnum are not manufactured any more.
17.09.2016 "Center of gravity" no spin knife throwing technique
14.08.2016 To the physics page, added a beautiful photo montage by Frank, showing the flight path of an axe.
13.08.2016 Report and official results of the 2016 World Championship in Knife and Axe Throwing held in Maniago, Italy.
29.01.2016 A website search was added.
08.01.2016 Comments on two more books on knife throwing.
16.10.2015 After some discussion with Michael Pahl, I added a footnote on how exactly a small difference in distance to the target can make a huge difference in the sticking angle of the knife in the target.
11.10.2015 The report from the 2015 World Championsip in Knife Throwing and Axe Throwing is available. Anche in italiano.
26.07.2015 Review of the excellent handbook on knife throwing by Dieter Führer titled "Guide to Knife & Axe Throwing".
10.04.2015 Review of the Perfect Balance Sport throwing knife.
17.11.2014 The official archive of the pioneering knife throwing website Thrower is unveiled at
28.10.2014 Detailed article on no spin knife throwing, including a comparison of the three basic no spin knife throwing techniques, and a presentation of some no spin throwing knives.
08.10.2014 Rapport sur le Championnat du Monde de Lancer Couteaux et Haches à Callac, France, Août 2014.
08.10.2014 Report on the World Championship in Knife and Axe Throwing in Callac, France, August 2014. And all the official results, plus photos of the podiums.
15.07.2014 Review of the catalogue of the african throwing knife collection of the Ethnographic Museum Leiden - titled "The Cutting Edge".
05.06.2014 The Circus Faka is not manufactured any more, but a new generation of the original Faka throwing knife is available again.
20.10.2013 Description of Werner Lengmüller's self-made throwing knife
29.09.2013 Sturdy competition target added
29.09.2013 Report on the European Championship in Knife Throwing and Axe Throwing in Nivnice, Czech Republic, September 2013.
18.08.2013 Short review of the "Knifen" throwing knife from Sweden.
23.07.2013 Review of the brand-new Gyro Dart throwing knife.
13.07.2013 Sturdy knife throwing target by Roland Zwosta.
15.06.2013 The reviews of throwing knives got an overview page of their own.
14.04.2013 All details on the European Championship in September in Nivnice are alvailable. / Tous les détails sur le Championnat Européen en Septembre à Nivnice sont disponible.
27.03.2013 Test report of the Circus Faka throwing knife, which is also available in the shop.
11.03.2013 Added the spy knife throwing target.
03.02.2013 Added some events to the list of knife throwing competitions 2013.
03.02.2013 Reports on the 2012 and 2011 Martial Arts East-West Open in St. Petersburg.
20.11.2012 Test of the Gyro Pocket throwing knife (that flies without turning).
20.11.2012 Rapport sur le 12ème Grande Rencontre Européenne des Lanceurs, September 2012 à Forni Avoltri, Italie.
20.11.2012 Report on the European Championship in Knife and Axe Throwing, September 2012, Forni Avoltri, Italy.
02.09.2012 New grip to hold a playing card for throwing, provided by Josh.
20.07.2012 One million people (1000000) have so far visited to learn about knives and throwing. Thank you all for your feedback and kind words!
06.01.2012 Review of the Mini Ziel throwing knife.
06.01.2012 Made the navigation on the page with books on knife throwing more compelling.
07.10.2011 Rapport sur le 11ème Grande Rencontre Européenne des Lanceurs, September 2011 à Herrischried, Allemagne.
07.10.2011 Report on the 11th Big Throwers Meeting, held September 2011 in Herrischried / Germany.
07.05.2011 A new knife throwing game: Snife (snooker+knife throwing)
14.10.2010 Short report on the Silver Knife competition in Moscow, June 2010.
14.10.2010 Good method to construct a huge target surface.
14.10.2010 Report on the European Championship in Knife Throwing and Axe Throwing in Rome, September 2010.
22.08.2010 Review of the throwing knife "Perfect Balance Thrower" by Cold Steel.
21.08.2010 Updated the review of the book "The Art of Throwing" to reflect the new 2010 edition.
02.08.2010 Saw teeth throwing knife by David Bačnar.
25.07.2010 Pictures of a new, sturdy (and transportable) target frame to hold tree rounds.
07.04.2010 As of today, 500.000 people (that is, half a million) have already visited!
16.11.2009 Summary on thrower meetings in Russia 2009.
02.11.2009 Rapport sur la Grande Rencontre Européenne à Villeflambeau, France, en Septembre 2009.
02.11.2009 Report on the Big European Throwers Meeting in Villeflambeau, France, September 2009.
21.05.2009 Report on the Mai Throwers Meeting in Kacice, Czech Republic, May 2009.
18.10.2008 Report on the Big European Throwers Meeting in Chomutov, Czech Republic, September 2008.
01.08.2008 Report on the knife throwers meetings July 26th in St. Roman, Austria.
22.06.2008 Photo instructions showing how to build your own throwing knife.
20.06.2008 These days, visitor number 300 000 came here to learn about knife throwing.
09.03.2008 Added the details about the Big European Throwers Meeting 2008 in the Czech Republic, as well as information on other European knife throwers meetings.
20.01.2008 Our weblog with knife throwing related news begins to get filled.
29.11.2007 Description of a new self-made throwing knife, the Gladiator Blade.
09.10.2007 A quarter of a million people have visited this site since it went online.
07.10.2007 Read about a new knife throwing game, and have a look at the target of Peter Kramer.
06.10.2007 Report of the Big European Throwers Meeting in Erlangen, Germany, September 2007.
24.08.2007 Report of the knife- and axt thrower meeting in Pullman City, Germany, August 2007.
26.05.2007 Report of the knife- and axt thrower meeting in Kladno, Czech Republic.
26.04.2007 Review of the Ziel throwing knife designed by John Bailey.
15.02.2007 Review of the book The Art of Throwing.
12.01.2007 Review of the Glock FM81 field knife suitable for throwing.
03.10.2006 Report on the Big Throwers Meeting in Grenoble France in September.
27.08.2006 Picture of knife throwing target by Stefan Roeder.
10.07.2006 New target by Yury Ershov in our gallery.
02.07.2006 Added report on the Midsummer Throwers Meeting in Pottenstein.
08.06.2006 Today, visitor number 150 000 had a look at the homepage!
20.03.2006 Target in the snow.
11.03.2006 Hints on burning throwing knives.
06.02.2006 Short note on Roy Hutchison's no-spin throwing knives.
30.01.2006 Extended the article on the physics of a knife throw.
22.01.2006 Added the instructions for a novel combat throwing game.
27.11.2005 Added the instructions for a novel knife throwing game.
13.11.2005 Added the article on the russian knife throwing style using a wave technique to slow down the rotation.
04.11.2005 Today, visitor number 100 000 had a look at the homepage!
22.10.2005 Report on the Second Big Throwers Meeting in Pullman City, Germany.
22.08.2005 Extended the article on the physics of a knife throw.
08.05.2005 Report on the throwers meeting near Marseille, France.
05.12.2004 Today, visitor number 50 000 had a look at Knife!
05.12.2004 Added answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).
01.11.2004 Added a new knife throwing game.
01.11.2004 Review of the Brazilian Faka throwing knife.
13.10.2004 Report on the Big Throwers Meeting in France.
18.07.2004 Information on the Big Throwers Meeting in France.
17.07.2004 Report of the First Throwers Meeting in Pullman City, Germany.
22.06.2004 Made some improvements to the instructions on how to throw the FlyingKnife throwing knife.
21.06.2004 Report of the Midsummer Throwers Meeting in Pottenstein, Germany.
13.06.2004 Ideas for games to make throwing knives together more interesting.
12.06.2004 Added the page about the Big Throwers Meeting in France.
13.05.2004 Today, visitor number 30 000 had a look at Knife!
04.05.2004 Tested the follow-up version of Kari Salonius' hand made throwing knife.
11.03.2004 Course on how to throw playing cards.
17.12.2003 Tested the new Mini Bo-Kri throwing knife designed by John Bailey.
26.11.2003 Philippe has a new indoor throwing target for the winter.
24.10.2003 Added the review of a home made throwing spike.
21.09.2003 Review of the French video Le Lancer de Couteaux.
20.09.2003 Report about the Throwers Meeting August 2003 near Berlin.
21.05.2003 Created a short (external link / new window)guide to the qualities of a good throwing knife at
01.05.2003 Paco devised new knife throwing instructions for the Flying Knife.
03.04.2003 Started a page with homemade throwing knives.
04.12.2002 Review of the Dragon Knife.
27.11.2002 Created a short introduction to knife throwing a
22.11.2002 Added the Throwdini video to our shop.
19.11.2002 Short review of the Easy-Stik Magnum.
01.11.2002 The physics of knife throwing.
01.11.2002 Throwing history of Philippe Catania from Corsica.
11.10.2002 Added the list or European throwers, for people to find throwers in their area.
19.09.2002 Review of the Flying Knife, the knife that always flies straight (and the throwing instructions for it).
18.09.2002 Finished the report on the throwers meeting September 2002 in Müncheberg/Berlin.
08.07.2002 You can now buy the "Recreational Knife Trowing II" video in our online-shop.
08.06.2002 Added a new solid target to the collection.
29.04.2002 How to make throwers out of a clothes hanger.
11.04.2002 went online
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