Quick Change Knife Throwing Target

That's how the frame of Jean's knife throwing target looks like. Click for a larger image. Jean wanted to have a target for his knife throwing practice where he could change and replace the target wood quickly and easily. The other knife throwing targets he tried out did not satisfy him. So he designed a target of his own, built it, and then made detailed construction blueprints - which are published on this page, so you can build the target yourself.

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Target Blueprints

Preview Target Blueprint. Page 1 Preview Target Blueprint. Page 2 Preview Target Blueprint. Page 3
JPG / PDF for printing JPG / PDF for printing JPG / PDF for printing
The dimensions of the elements are plotted on blueprint sheet 1. On sheet 2 you see the outline details for the small joining parts. Find the list of parts on sheet 3. It also shows how the numbered parts fit together.
Now the planks are tightly mounted using the screw handles. Just draw a target onto the surface and have fun throwing!
Quick change target with planks mounted, ready for throwing.
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