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The books and videos on knife throwing presented here will help you to dive deeper into the sport.

As with every sport, there is no such thing as the one and only correct technique, but rather many different styles, and you will like some better than others. So, I recommend that you first read the pages here at thoroughly to get familiar with the basic facts and throwing styles, and with this solid background knowledge then use the media list below to learn about other variants of throwing knives.

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There are other knife throwing book lists at (external link / new window)Sticking Point, and (external link / new window)Thrower.

VideoRecreational Knife Throwing, DVD by John Bailey     (recommended)
Bailiwick Enterprises, Florida
first published in 1999
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This is a very nice video to get started with the sport of knife throwing, but it also offers interesting chapters for the advanced thrower. The author, John Bailey, has taught many people how to throw knives using his "brach-chopping" technique.
We have a review of this video online, and you can buy it on DVD in our online-shop.

VideoRecreational Knife Throwing II, DVD by John Bailey
Bailiwick Enterprises, Florida
first published in 2001
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This is the sequeal to Recreational Knife Throwing (obviously :-) You will be see demonstrations of some new throwing techniques, and John will show you round his collection of throwable objects. The video is intended for the advanced thrower.
We have a review of this video online.

VideoThe Fundamentals of Knife, Hawk and Axe Throwing with an Introduction to the Impalement Arts, DVD by David R. Adamovich
Dr. David Adamovich, Freeport, New York
first published in 2001
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"The Great Throwdini", the knife flinging minister, shows his skills and demonstrates his style of throwing. Also included is an introductionary chapter for beginners. We have a review of this video online.

VideoLe lancer de couteaux, VHS and DVD by Michel Dujay
Michel Dujay, France
first published in 1996, completely revised in 2015
Language: French
Read our review of the original 1995 version, and of the 2015 remake.

In the first version, the authors shows how to throw pocket knives in such a way that they stick in the target. He always uses a blade grip, even on the handle. The second (2015) version is proof that sports knife throwing has taken a hold, with Michel Dujay now using heavier knives, and stressing proper technique.

BookKnife Throwing: A Practical Guide, book by Harry K. McEvoy     (recommended)
Charles E. Tuttle Company, Inc.
first published in 1973
ISBN 0-8048-1099-0
about 5 £
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The standard; The author was a master of the art and founder of the famous Tru-Balance Knife Company.
Here you will find explanations of different grips and throwing styles. They are all tailored for the heavy American throwing knives, but most can be adapted for lighter ones. The professional style used by circus-artists and professionals is also detailed.
A whole chapter is dedicated to the throwing of tomahawks and axes, another presents famous knifethrowers and their stunts.

Book The art of the Experts - order at Amazon
BookKnife & Tomahawk Throwing: The Art of the Experts, book by Harry K. McEvoy
Charles E. Tuttle Company, Inc.
first published in 1988
ISBN 0-8048-1542-9
about 14 £
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This sequel to Knife Throwing: A Practical Guide first sums up the the basics presented there. The history of knife throwing is interesting to read. A part of the book deals with the throwing of tomahawks.
In the remaining chapters are little anecdotes about famous knife throwers, their lives and stunts (in more detail than in the first book).

BookGuide to Knife & Axe Throwing, book by Dieter Führer     (recommended)
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
first published in 2014 ((external link / new window)German edition in 2011)
ISBN 9780764347795
about 21 £
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A comprehensive handbook on knife throwing, with nice photos of the throwing motions. All important topics are covered, on occasions with rather compact explanations. Absolutely to be recommended for beginners!

  Cover of the "Guide to Knife and Ax Throwing"

Cover of The art of throwing - order at Amazon
BookThe Art of Throwing: The definitive Guide to Thrown Weapons Techniques, book by Amante P. Mariñas, Sr.
Tuttle Publishing
first published in 2007, second edition 2010
ISBN 0804840938
about 16,95 $ / 17 Euro
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For the advanced knife thrower, who wants to put its own experiences into a bigger concept. For those that want to read about throwing weapons beyond axes and knives.
Includes a DVD.

BookThe Cutting Edge. West Central African 19th century throwing knives in the National Museum of Ethnology Leiden, Catalogue by Annette M. Schmidt and Peter Westerdijk
National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden, The Netherlands
first published in 2006
ISBN 9054500077
30 Euro
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Available dirctly at (external link / new window)Ethnographic Art Books, the museum's publisher.

Beautiful photographs of the collection of African throwing knives in the Ethnographic Museum in Leiden. The catalogue contains introductionary chapters on the origins of the collection, and on the proliferation and use of throwing knives in Africa.

  African throwing knife, Banda tribe.

More "knife throwing" books

BookThe man with the knives, short story by Heinrich Böll
First published in 1948 in Kassel, Germany, titled "Der Mann mit den Messern"
English translation by Leila Vennewitz published in "The Stories of Heinrich Böll", Knopf 1986
ISBN 039451405X

Germany, just after WWII. An ex soldier is living in the ruins for and off his knife throwing skills. But even his most astonishing solo act (wooden block on the head) fails to engage the audience at the varieté.
I very much enjoyed reading this short story, which is readily available at antiquarian booksellers.

BookAbsinthe & Flamethrowers, book by William Gurstelle, first published by Chicago Review Press in 2009, ISBN 978-1-55652-822-4

For William Gurstelle, knife throwing is one of the "art[s] of living dangerously". The brief chapter on throwing knives is well written and accurate, but of course less throrough then the books above or our own instructions on how to throw a knife.

BookThe knife thrower, short story by Steven Millhauser, first published by Random House in 1998, ISBN 978-0-7538-0821-4

The short story relives the performance of an artistic knife thrower. Hensch, the artist, gained a sordid reputation for going beyond the thrill of ususal knife throwing acts. Hi is drawing human blood.
Luckily, such stupidly dangerous performances only exist in works of fiction.

BookSergeant Shenk's Comprehensive Book on Knife Throwing, book by Timothy J. Shenk, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2010, ISBN 978-1478118169

Collections of bits and pieces on knife throwing, based on decades of experience as a knife thrower. The work is non-comprehensive, all hints can be found elsewhere (see books above), and any interesting aspects mentioned do lack detail or explanation. Shenk's most useful and very true remark: Don't throw if it's getting dark, because you won't be able to see bouncebacks.

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