Knife throwing instructions for the Flying Knife

To throw ordinary throwing knives, you must use a different technique.

The knife throwing instructions for the Flying Knife have been steadily improved and distilled by the manufacturer over time. With the current version, everybody can learn how to throw the Flying Knife straight into the target in a short time.

It is recommended that you print out these knife throwing instructions and take them with you to your training area, really every hint in them is important.

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How to grip the Flying Knife for throwing: pictures A, B and F.

Throwing it like a stone

When you throw a stone using three fingers, there is an instant where the stone sticks to your index finger. Identify this instant by gently throwing a test stone with a weight around 200g, paying attention to the pressure of the stone on the tip of your index finger. Throw the stone so that it will spin in the air (see figure F).

At the beginning, the recommended distance to the target is 14 paces.

Hold the knife, firmly and softly, as seen in figures A and B, imagine you are holding the stone. The thumb rests on the blade and touches the round frontal part of the handle.

Throw the knife as you would throw the stone, keeping the tip of the knife facing ahead; let the wrist snap in the throw happen with the wrist relaxed.

The secret is to concentrate on the instant where the knife sticks to the index finger, thumb and middle finger release it now.

The pressure of your thumb regulates the knife in order to get a straight take off. If the tip deviates to the right, the knife needs more retention, so increase a little the thumb pressure. Accordingly, if the tip deviates to the left, reduce the thumb pressure a little.

It is important that you feel the weight of the knife on your fingertip before and during the throw.

The angle between your forearm and the floor can be any between 0° and 90°, but not more (see C and D below).

For a more comfortable and powerful throw move back your right foot and hip (figure E).

How to throw the Flying Knife: figures C, D and E
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