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12th Big Throwers Meeting / European Championship in Knife Throwing and Axe Throwing
8th/9th of September 2012, Forni Avoltri, Italy

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Group photo of all the participants in the 12th European Championship in Knife and Axe Throwing, September 2012 in Forni Avoltri, Italy.

Holidays, Big Throwers Meeting, and the (external link / new window)EuroThrowers European Championship: that's what Forni Avoltri was for the participants. Those who didn't go to Venice or Croatia afterwards just came from there. Thus most of the international knife- and axe throwers were already on site on Friday - some like John Taylor got there even days before to help with the setup of the targets and laser-precise placement of the distance marks.

The event location in the village of Forni Avoltri is located in the Carnic Alps in northern Italy. From the biathlon-centre* where the competition took place the athletes enjoyed a breathtaking view of the surrounding peaks.

Locally, the event was organised by Gaetano d'Avenia, Gabriella Mestroni and many more helping hands from the club "Giusto verso Carnia throwers". They were so impressed by the ambience (external link / new window)last year in Herrischried that hosting the European Championship at their place was "making a dream reality" as Gaetano put it in the opening speech.

On Friday, the participants registered and started training. In the thin air, the twangs and chimes of missed throws were only to be heard as a remote sound.

Knife throwing targets and mountain view.The competitions started Saturday at 9 o'clock with an opening speech, and shorts explanations about scoring (raise your hand to go to the target with the referee; The (external link / new window)European Throwing Rules themselves were applied as fixed in 2010).

87 knife throwers and axe throwers (among them 15 women) participated, besting the old participant record of (external link / new window)Villeflambeau. The throwers came from 10 different nations (IT, DE, FR, CZ, CH, RU, UK, US, FI, PL), 6 of the throwing clubs being part of the EuroThrowers had sent representatives. Right after the event "long distance" the social evening commenced: a get-together comodo in the Biathlon restaurant, enriched by a menu consisting of local specialities. Gaetano received a Happy Birthday serenade, and everybody a piece from his cake. Later at night, the terrace was transformed into a dance floor, the DJ playing hits from all the countries present really got the young crowd going. Meanwhile, ten knife throwers returned to the targets and, vision aided by floodlight, competed in the Duel Cup. The winner, Ashot Matevosyan, received half of the starting fees, the rest went in equal parts to the local organisers and the EuroThrowers.

Some participants had equal number of points, so Sunday started with play-offs. The Triplice competition afterwards is a discipline invented by Giusto verso, and involved tactical manoeuvring with distance-point multipliers. In the following award ceremony, the major, district administrator, principal referee Maurizio Davani, Gaetano and Gabriella took turns handing out certificates and prizes (Prosciutto sponsored by (external link / new window)Wolf. Four new (external link / new window)all-time records were set, amongst others Mimi Dell'Anna improved on her own one in axe 4m to now 87 points.

For the perfect hosting of the Big Throwers Meeting and the European Championship, again many thanks to Gaetano d'Avenia, Gabriella Mestroni and all the helpers from "Giusto verso Carnia throwers".

Christian Thiel

* Without snow, the centre is used to train for ski-roll: gliding with short skis on rolls over tarmac slopes.

The meeting on worldwide competition rules, scheduled for Sunday, had to be cancelled due to time constraints. The discussion is now held via the (external link / new window)mailing list of the club .
Originally we intended to hold the European Championship 2012 in Moscow. Unfortunately still in the beginning of 2012 it could not be found out how it is possible to legally bring throwing knives to Russia for the event. Thus, the organisers had to withdraw their application, and are working on making the event happen in Moscow in one of the coming years.

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Thumbnail of competition results.

Complete lists of results, in the following file formats: OpenOffice / Excel / PDF

Guenegou, Dolgikh, Catania  

Knife 3m (Men)

1st place: Ivan Dolgikh (RU), 98 points
2nd place: Sylvain Guenegou (FR), 96 points (101*)
3rd place: Philippe Catania (FR), 96 points (97*)
Tereshko, Dolgikh, Slobozhan  

Knife 3m (Women)

1st place: Natalia Dolgikh (RU), 75 points
2nd place: Olesya Tereshko (RU), 74 points
3rd place: Natalia Slobozhan (RU), 73 points
Steinbeck, Boucreux, Lengmüller  

Knife 5m (Men)

1st place: Pascal Boucreux (FR), 87 points
2nd place: Walter Steinbeck (DE), 83 points
3rd place: Werner Lengmüller (DE), 80 points (135*)
Slobozhan, Riadnova, Dolgikh  

Knife 5m (Women)

1st place: Ksenija Riadnova (RU), 47 points
2nd place: Natalia Slobozhan (RU), 44 points
3rd place: Tatjana Dolgikh (RU), 43 points
Boucreux, Zizka, Kramer  

Knife 7m (Men)

1st place: Jiří Žižka (CZ), 68 points
2nd place: Pascal Boucreux (FR), 62 points (72*)
3rd place: Peter Kramer (DE), 62 points (52*)
Chuvina, Dolgikh, Mestroni  

Knife 7m (Women)

1st place: Tatjana Dolgikh (RU), 37 points
2nd place: Galina Chuvina (RU), 29 points
3rd place: Gabriella Mestroni (IT), 19 points
Buttarello, Cianciotta, Zizka  

Knife Long distance (Men)

1st place: Cristian Cianciotta (IT), 17.86m
2nd place: Christian Buttarello/Geronimo (FR), 17.35m
3rd place: Jiří Žižka (CZ), 16.07m
Pfitzinger, Tereshko, Dell'Anna  

Knife Long distance (Women)

1st place: Olesya Tereshko (RU), 7.05m
2nd place: Anne-Laure Pfitzinger (FR), 5.43m
3rd place: Cosima Dell'Anna/Mimì (IT), 5.33m
Paprocki, Zizka, Buttarello  

Axe 4m (Men)

1st place: Jiří Žižka (CZ), 100 points
2nd place: Gregor Paprocki (PL), 98 points
3rd place: Christian Buttarello/Geronimo (FR), 97 points
Mestroni, Dell'Anna, Ciocca  

Axe 4m (Women)

1st place: Cosima Dell'Anna/Mimì (IT), 87 points
2nd place: Gabriella Mestroni (IT), 82 points
3rd place: Catherine Ciocca (IT), 66 points
Kramer, Zizka, Cristini  

Axe 7m (Men)

1st place: Jiří Žižka (CZ), 80 points
2nd place: Peter Kramer (DE), 74 points (70*)
3rd place: Stefano Cristini (IT), 74 points (58*)
Chuvina, Dell'Anna, Riadnova  

Axe 7m (Women)

1st place: Cosima Dell'Anna/Mimì (IT), 50 points
2nd place: Galina Chuvina (RU), 46 points
3rd place: Ksenija Riadnova (RU), 30 points
Kramer, De Perini  

Axe Long distance (Men)

1st place: Peter Kramer (DE), 19.00m
1st place: Francesco Martini (DE), 19.00m
3rd place: Pierluigi De Perini (IT), 18.07m
Dolgikh, Mestroni, Dell'Anna  

Axe Long distance (Women)

1st place: Gabrielle Mestroni (IT), 10.41m
2nd place: Natalia Dolgikh (RU), 10.00m
3rd place: Cosima Dell'Anna/Mim (IT), 7.84m

Duel-Cup (additional event out of the scope of the Championship)

Winner: Ashot Matevosyan (RU)

Steinbeck, D'Avenia  

Triplice (additional event out of the scope of the Championship)

Winner: Walter Steinbeck (DE), trophy handed out by Gaetano D'Avenia (on the right).

* If there was a tie on the first three places of a discipline, the affected participants each threw new rounds (results given in parentheses), if necessary multiple rounds.. The ranking for the first three was then determined according to the points achieved in the additional rounds.

The maximum number of points attainable in each event was 105.

Alexander Martynov, thank you very much for your invaluable help in transcribing and checking the list of results.

Rules used

The rules employed were the (external link / new window)Standard European Knife and Axe throwing rules (2010 version). Accordingly, the following events were held: knife 3m, 5m, 7m, distance, axe 4m, 7m, distance event.

Out of the scope of the European Championship, the EuroThrowers duel-cup was held ((external link / new window)rules).


A special competition organised by the local Carnia Throwers, also out of scope of the European Championship. The knife-event is a duel-competition with elimination, similar to the Duel Cup. The duels are run as follows:
Each participant has three throws per duel. From 3m, he has a maximum of 3 throws; from 5m, maximum 2 throws; from 7m, maximum 1 throw. The points are calculated as follows: from 3m, as usual; from 5m, double the points; from 7m, triple them. The maximum number of points attainable is thus: 5*3 (from 7m) + 5*2*2 (from 5m) = 35; The two duellers take turns in throwing, the beginner is randomly selected.
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