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9th Big European Throwers Meeting, 12th/13th September 2009 in Villeflambeau, France

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Group photo with all the knife flinging EuroThrowers in Villeflambeau 2009. Click for larger picture.

This years meeting, the 9th in a row, was the biggest and longest so far in Europe. Many international participants already got there on Thursday, to settle down in the holiday-houses rented in the area, or simply put up their tents. Friday was pure throwing fun, with the training targets put to good use, and throwers exchanging notes on their respective throwing styles and equipment. On Saturday, the registration office was busy with 71 throwers from 8 countries (Germany, France, Italy, Russia, England, Poland, Switzerland, USA). For the first time, there were participants from the UK (John and Richard), the USA (Mike Bainton, president of the largest throwing association in the US, the (external link / new window)IKTHOF), and Russia (the group from the Moscow-based (external link / new window)FreeKnife club was lead by their vice-president Sergey Fedosenko).

Dominique Gagnon made the fabulous trophies using a silicone mould. Thanks to the excellent preparations by the local organisers, Bernadette and Dominique Gagnon, the competitions rolled smoothly. For the first time, the (external link / new window)European Standard Rules were used. The only problem was a gusty wind, who changed the flight of many a knife.

For the thirsty, there was a low-price bar, and for the hungry, there were 4-course French meals for lunch and dinner. From the aperitif to the cheese, livid and relaxed discussions ensued among the throwers. The throwing demonstrations of Sergey Fedosenko left all present speechless, he reliably sticks the knife with one full turn from 11m, and the axe from 7m without turning. The special M1 knife from Russia was also a much sought-after item.

On Sunday, competitions started late, so there was opportunity to explore the region (departement (external link / new window)Seine-et-Marne), very rural with plenty of forest and small villages. Directly around the competition area were the horses, donkeys and goats kept by family Gagnon.

For the long distance competitions, an attentive silence fell over the area. The winners achieved 15.99m (knife) and 15/15.55m (axe).

The competition area.

During the award ceremony, there were many happy throwers, also owing to the amazing cups that Dominique made for all first, second and third places. On top of this, Michel Dujay handed one of his (external link / new window)Basque throwing knives to the 4th ranked in the "knives long distance" event, and Mike Bainton awarded a Bowie knife to the overall winner.

Many participants took the opportunity to spend some days in the region or in nearby Paris. So, on Sunday afternoon most throwers cordially said goodbye, not without promising to return for next year's championship in the knife town of Maniago, Italy (21./22. of August 2010).

Again, many thanks and a big praise for the local organisers of the event, Bernadette and Dominique Gagnon, their family, the score-master Frank, the arbiters, helping hands, and kitchen-wizards!

Christian Thiel

"The friendship was very generous and helpful. Where we threw was lovely French countryside. The food was great. The sportsmanship was fantastic. We were blessed with good weather."

"Little John" Taylor from Yorkshire, England

Benoît Mathellon, thank you very much for the photos marked by BM.

Impressions from the meeting (small version) Additional page with Photos Impressions from the meeting (small version)

EuroThrowers - Members Meeting

At the members meeting of the (external link / new window)EuroThrowers association on Sunday evening, the old managing committee (Maier, Thiel, Catania) was re-elected unanimously. The national knife throwing association of Italy (Associazione Lanciatori Sportivi Italia) and the Moscow-based club (external link / new window)FreeKnife became official members of the association. Also, it was decided that from next year on, the main event will be called "10th Big Throwers Meeting / European Championship".


Click for bigger picture. Photo with (nearly all) the winners of the 2009 throwing competition in Villeflambeau.
Victory photo with nearly all winners. Click for a bigger picture.

There was a record number of 71 participants, amongst them 11 women and 6 children.
There were throwers from 8 countries, participants in detail: Germany (10), Russia (7), Italy (4), UK (2), Switzerland/USA/Poland (1), the rest (and hence the majority) was from France.

The winners of each event are listed below. There is also a list summing up the results for all throwers, and the official spreadsheet with the detailed results and rankings.

Richalet, Pahl, Cazoulat;  

Knife 3m (men)

1st place: Michael Pahl, 95 points
2nd place: Pierre Cazoulat, 94 points
3rd place: Nicolas Richalet, 93 points
Cosina, Polo  

Knife 3m (women)

1st place: Dell Anna Cosina, 61 points
2nd place: Lidia Polo, 50 points
3rd place: Ludmila Fedosenko, 46 points
Cambakidis, Robbens/Seligmaun, Guttenbacher, Robbens/Seligmaun;  

Knife 3m (children/youth)

1st place: Lin-Ngan Guttenbacher, 48 points
2nd place: Alexandre Robbens, 39 points
2nd place: Robin Seligmaun, 39 points
3rd place: Nicolas Cambakidis, 31 points
Ramos, Buttarello, Führer  

Knife 5m (men)

1st place: Christian Buttarello, 85 points
2nd place: Dieter Führer, 82 points
3rd place: Ilidio Ramos, 77 points
Polo, Fedosenko  

Knife 5m (women)

1st place: Ludmila Fedosenko, 31 points
2nd place: Lidia Polo, 29 points
3rd place: Liliane Delhay, 25 points
Sunderland, Kramer, Cazoulat  

Knife 7m (men)

1st place: Peter Kramer, 57 points
2nd place: Pierre Cazoulat, 55 points
3rd place: Richard Sunderland, 51 points
Roque, Cosina, Polo  

Knife 7m (women)

1st place: Lida Polo, 10 points
2nd place: Dell Anna Cosina, 7 points
3rd place: Carmelita Roque, 0 points
Führer, Katugampola, Sabato  

Knife Distance (men)

1st place: Kumar Katugampola, 15.99m
2nd place: Americo Sabato, 15.00m
3rd place: Dieter Führer, 14.55m
Gagnon, Führer, Buttarello  

Axe 4m (men)

1st place: Dieter Führer, 95 points
2nd place: Christian Buttarello, 92 points
3rd place: Dominique Gagnon, 92 points
Polo, Fedosenko, Gagnon  

Axe 4m (women)

1st place: Ludmila Fedosenko, 44 points
2nd place: Bernadette Gagnon, 37 points
3rd place: Lidia Polo, 28 points
Cazoulat, Little John Taylor, Führer  

Axe 7m (men)

1st place: John Taylor, 79 points
2nd place: Dieter Führer, 75 points
3rd place: Pierre Cazoulat, 73 points
Buttarello, Paprocki, Vieillard  

Axe (min 290g) Distance (men)

1st place: Gregor Paprocki, 15.00m
2nd place: Laurent Vieillard, 10.55m
3rd place: Christian Buttarello, 9.50m
Richalet, Sabato, Cazoulat  

Axe (min 500g) Distance (men)

1st place: Americo Sabato, 15.55m
2nd place: Pierre Cazoulat, 15.05m
3rd place: Nicholas Richalet, 13.90m

Rules used

The rules employed were the (external link / new window)Standard European Knife and Axe throwing rules (Chomutov 2008 version), with the additional event "axe long distance normal (min. weight 500g)".

Thus, there were e a total of 8 events: Knife 3m, 5m, 7m, long distance; Axe 4m, 7m, long distance light (min. 290g) and long distance normal (min. 500g);

Men, women and children/youth were ranked separately.

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