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Big Throwers Meeting / World Championship and European Championship in Knife Throwing and Axe Throwing

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To promote the exchange between axe- and knife throwers, already in 2001 the European Throwing Club Flying Blades ((external link / new window)EuroThrowers) has started the "Big Throwers Meeting / European Championship". This event has since been established as the both the central annual competition and relaxed and friendly meet up for throwers from all over the world, and is assigned to a different country each year.

Every couple of years, the event is designated as World Championship, and organised on a very big scale. For example in the World Championship in Callac, France, 2014, there were throwers from 12 nations competing, with teams from countries as diverse as Italy, Russia, Switzerland or the Czech Republic. You don't need to be a member of EuroThrowers to compete, but if you want to join the community, just fill out the (external link / new window)membership application.

To understand why the Big Throwers Meeting / World and European Championship is really the most important event for knife throwers and axe throwers each year, just read the reports about the last years' events.

For example, in 2018, the World Championship was held in Rýmařov, Czech Republic, and in 2019 we met in Newark, England.

Have a look at our calendar of important knife thrower meetings worldwide.

World Championship - Ready once Covid calms down

The World Championship regularly brings together athletes from more than 15 countries. In times of Covid, that clashes with an increased isolation of countries, with different rules on travel and immunisation.

Two teams, in Germany and France, were setting up to everything to hold the EuroThrowers World Championship 2022. In both locations, due to covid health concerns, the town mayor finally banned events with international participation.

As a consequence, there will be no World Championship in 2022.

The good news in this: Once Covid calms down, there are motivated teams at two locations who are prepared to organise a face-to-face EuroThrowers World Championship - hopefully as soon as next year.

Question: I already paid my registration fee for the World Championship that was set to happen in Herrischried. What happens to it?
Answer: The organiser, Holger Wycisk, has assured EuroThrowers that the registration remains valid for the next World Championship that can be held in Herrischried.

World Championship Rules

At the World Championship, we will employ the (external link / new window)European Knife and Axe Throwing Rules ((external link / new window)available in multiple languages).

There is a change that came in 2019 that you should bear in mind: All participants will now throw the walk-back, not only the top throwers.

The International Starter Award will be a separate ranking, reserved for beginners in the sport.

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