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Big Throwers Meeting / World Championship and European Championship in Knife Throwing and Axe Throwing

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To promote the exchange between axe- and knife throwers, already in 2001 the European Throwing Club Flying Blades ((external link / new window)EuroThrowers) has started the "Big Throwers Meeting / European Championship". This event has since been established as the both the central annual competition and relaxed and friendly meet up for throwers from all over the world, and is assigned to a different country each year.

Every couple of years, the event is designated as World Championship, and organised on a very big scale. For example in the World Championship in Callac, France, 2014, there were throwers from 12 nations competing, with teams from countries as diverse as Italy, Russia, Switzerland or the Czech Republic. You don't need to be a member of EuroThrowers to compete, but if you want to join the community, just fill out the (external link / new window)membership application.

To understand why the Big Throwers Meeting / World and European Championship is really the most important event for knife throwers and axe throwers each year, just read the reports about the last years' events.

For example, in 2018, the World Championship was held in Rýmařov, Czech Republic, and in 2019 we met in Newark, England.

Have a look at our calendar of important knife thrower meetings worldwide.

Coronavirus vs. World Championship 2020/2021 - Moved to 2022

The World Championship regularly brings together athletes from more than 15 countries. In view of the coronavirus pandemic, the organiser and EuroThrowers determined that it would be irresponsible to hold a World Championship in 2020/2021. (Apart from the health risks, various travel restrictions exist.)

The EuroThrowers World Championship has thus been moved to 2022. It will be held in 2022 at the same place and time - see invitation below.

The registrations of those athletes that have already paid their registration fee remain valid for 2022.

World Championship in Knife- and Axe Throwing / 20th Big Throwers Meeting
August 4-7 2022, Herrischried, Black Forest, Germany

View in Herrischried The first Big Throwers Meeting (external link / new window)took place 20 years ago near Berlin (plus two corona years) - and over the course of two decades grew to be the World Championship in knife throwing and axe throwing. We are very happy that for this anniversary, the World Championship is coming to Germany!

As usual, the most important goal is to get together knife and axe throwers from all over the World for some days of throwing in a relaxed atmosphere. Meeting old friends and finding new ones, learning some new throwing tricks. Having fun with wacky targets and throwing games. And, of course, we'll have a competition: The World Championship!

The (external link / new window)EuroThrowers association is expecting 150 participants. They'll come from 15 countries, from Russia to the US, from the Czech Republic to France, from Italy to Finland. Beginners are very welcome!

The World Championship is organised by (external link / new window)Holger Wycisk, who already managed the 2011 European Championship.

Location of the World Championship is idyllic Herrischried in the Black Forest, Germany. A (external link / new window)traditional holiday region, the Black Forest suggest itself for an extended stay - go for a swim or a ride, or do a tour of the ancient villages, visit a thermal bath, or go hiking in the beautiful forest hills. For local specialities like cuckoo clocks, Black Forest ham or brandies, have a look at the (external link / new window)farm shop list.


The registration will open earliest in late autumn 2021. The amount of the registration fee has not yet been fixed.

The registrations of those athletes that have already paid their registration fee for 2020 remain valid for 2022.

For the first time, you have the option to be ranked only as an International Starter - see explanation below.


The EuroThrowers World Championship in Knife and Axe Throwing / Big European Throwers Meeting 2022 is held and organised by (external link / new window)Holger Wycisk of HWS Events.


Forest clearing at the Ödlandweg
79737 Herrischried

GPS (latitude/longitude): 47.66580166629906, 7.981664401962654
GPS (time): 47°39'56.886"N, 7°58'53.991"E

(external link / new window)Competition area on a map

Access to the forest clearing via the Ödlandweg, corner with Liftstraße road.
The Ödlandweg path going up the hill must not be accessed via car - you'll need to walk. Parking is possible conveniently in front of the Eishalle (see map).

How to get there

Francesco throwing in Herrischried Important note (Switzerland): If you are touching or crossing Switzerland in your travel, you can only bring asymmetrical throwing knives, and you need to transport them (as well as throwing axes) in a locked container. If you bring symmetrical knives, they will be considered weapons and confiscated.
The key to tell if your knife is a legal asymmetrical throwing knife is that the form of one side of the blade must be rather different from the form of the other side. Your trusted beaver-tail throwing knife, for example, is symmetrical for sure and has to stay away from Switzerland.
Be sure to print the official Swiss police leaflet on throwing knives and the leaflet on throwing axes to help you in convincing any Swiss police or customs officers (who might not be aware of current legislation) that you are perfectly legal in transporting your throwing tools.
Kudos to the (external link / new window)Schweizer Werfervereinigung for their successful lobbying on having the leaflets updated. EuroThrowers collected more details and examples on the (external link / new window)legal situation of throwing knives in Switzerland.


A (external link / new window)comprehensive list of hotels and holiday homes is provided (in German) by the tourist office.

A very central option are the (external link / new window)hotel rooms and holiday flats of Familie Hauber (rooms from 30€ for 2 persons). Booking is recommended via email (English spoken).

Friedrich & Myrta Hauber
Hauptstr. 14
(Phone: +49 7764 / 92 97 53)
(Mobile: +49 152 / 565 49 380)

Camping is possible, with good sanitary facilities provided.

The law

German knife law is not too strict. However, any knife with a blade longer than 12cm, and any throwing axe, must be transported in a locked container. This container can be a backpack with a padlock, or better one of those carry-cases sold for photo equipment.

Some knives are completely illegal in Germany: fist knives, butterfly knives, ninja throwing stars, most switchblade / flick knives, any weapon disguised as something else (for example a belt-buckle knives).

It is a proven method to print out this page and put it on top of your knives in the luggage, to give curious customs officers a credible explanation for the knives. (Mind you, it's not anything illegal about the knives, just makes the procedure easier should anyone ask questions.)


The organiser reserves the right to adapt the program in the course of the championship.

Find below an outline of the schedule, details to follow.

Thursday 4  
13:00-17:00 Registration, approval of throwing tools, meet and greet time
Before 17:00 All competitors must have completed their registration on site and presented their throwing tools for clearance by 17:00
Friday 5  
9:00Opening ceremony and briefing
Sunday 7  
15:00-16:00Award ceremony


In 2022, we will employ the (external link / new window)European Knife and Axe Throwing Rules ((external link / new window)available in multiple languages).

There is a change that came in 2019 that you should bear in mind: All participants will now throw the walk-back, not only the top throwers.

The three countries with the best throwers will be recognised, based on the cumulative scores of the events walk-back precision throwing knife and axe of the top five throwers per country, women and men combined.

For each event, the thrower has to show up with three throwing tools (knives/axes). Exceptions only for throwing tools damaged during the meeting.

If ties need to be resolved, the following additional ranking factor will be used: The number of times a participant scored a 5-point stick (further using 4-3-2 sticks if necessary).

The events in 2022:

International Starter Award

Why an International Starter Award?

If you are new to knife and axe throwing, maybe you got the feeling that you are not "good enough", and because it's your first international event, you don't want to compete with all the experienced throwers. I mean, you can always decide to only throw those events you feel good about. But, with the International Starter Award, you got the option to explicitly register to be ranked in the International Starter Award.

Who can throw as an International Starter?

Everybody who identifies as a beginner thrower (for example, throwing less than 12 months), and who has never competed at an international event.
Upon registering online (or latest once you arrive in Herrischried) you can indicate that you want to be ranked in the International Starter Award.

Can I participate both as International Starter and standard participant?

No, you have to choose. If you opt for International Starter, you will be ranked in the International Starter ranking in the knife precision and axe precision events. In the other events, should you want to throw them, you will of course be ranked in the standard common ranking with everybody else.

Is there a reduced registration fee if I compete as International Starter?

No. Since you can do about the same events as everybody else, the work for the organiser remains about the same.

What are the International Starter Award events?

There will be a separate ranking for knives and for axes. If more than 5 women participate in an event, there will be a separate ranking for them (as per our Standard Rules).

Frank, thank you very much for the photo marked with FS.
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