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I would like to thank Matthew J. Rapaport of (external link / new window)Thrower and Tim Valentine of (external link / new window)Sticking Point for creating the first knife throwing websites on the Internet.

In our humble opionion, the best sticking and most sturdy throwing knives are available in our own shop,

Knife throwing pages

At "" you will find all kinds of news and interesting or funny finds around the sport of (knife-) throwing. People from all over the world collaborate to share their most interesting finds. (We publish there, too.)

The club promotes the sport of knife- and axe-throwing and facilitates the communication between throwers in Europe. Most members come from Germany or France at the moment. Various throwing-related topics are discussed via the website and mailing lists, for example how to organise contests.

These pages by Matthew J. Rapaport offer a wide range of information concerning the throwing of weapons. The focus is on throwing knives, but you also find information on atlatls or slings. Thrower is about the oldest knife throwing destination on the web.
The pages are not longer maintained by the author, the link above leads to the (external link / new window)official archive.

Thrower also started the heart of the international knife throwing community, the thrower mailing list. Nowadays, you'll find the thrower people in the very active (external link / new window)"Knife and Tomahawk Throwers" group at facebook (registration required) that was started by Throwzini. For a short history and old posts, see the archive description.

Tim Valentine created a page with a nice layout. Among other things, you will find short and illustrated instructions on how to throw in professional- and sport-style, a knife museum, and again information on the different US-American throwing associations.
The pages are not longer maintained by the author, the link above leads to the (external link / new window)official archive.

is the work of Scott Gracia; The pages are growing fast. They feature many pictures of throwing knives, targets and unusual throwing objects (like playing cards, weird axes...). Apart from neat ideas for throwing games, there are articles by guest writers on many aspects of the sport. You may also subscribe to a newsletter that is worth to read.
The shop-section offers many things that you will not find in European stores. Scott will now ship them overseas, the costs for shipping and handling depend on what your order (e.g. 24,95 US$ for 3 throwing knives). You can pay by credit card or international money order.

Within just a few years, David Adamovich has become a professional knife thrower. He is even in a show on the Broadway! On his page, you will find pictures out of his instructional video, and free video clips from his shows. He always throws his knives around a beautiful female assistant.

An accomplished knife thrower and artist, John Bailey opened the first dedicated throwing knife shop on the internet. After his retirement, his original pages (including travel diaries and historical articles) are preserved in our (external link / new window)John Bailey archive. Our own shop now offers (external link / new window)throwing knives at the historical domain

Discuss about everything knife throwing related, from no-spin styles to target construction. Moderated by Bobby Branton of the AKTA.

She's a passionate knife thrower, and publishes funny videos on knife throwing. On a cold winter nights, do watch her oeuvre of over 80 videos, ranging from zombie stunts to the popular unboxing videos, where she presents and praises throwing knives sent in from around the world.

Roger Jals posted a thrilling collection of knife and axe throwing videos - including throws from a slackline, floating targets, and throws on a lonely beach.

The bearded engineers at Bellablades construct no-spin throwing knives. Kindly documenting their learings via documents and (external link / new window)videos of their knife making process.

With very hard and long training, some people become good enough to be an (external link / new window)impalement artist: that is, they throw around live targets. Nowadays, it's (external link / new window)no longer only the girls that stand strapped to the board. To read on: (external link / new window)Secrets-of-Shuriken is a very good and comprehensive site on the art of throwing shuriken: bo shuriken (long, thin blades, historically nails) and hira or shaken shuriken (the infamous ninja stars). The history section traces the development of the art, and the training pages are filled with many picture-sequences of different throwing styles to illustrate the instructions. A must-read for every thrower. Built up by Jason Wotherspoon, now run by Edward.
More shuriken sources: The French site resembles and offers knife throwing instructions, pictures of throwing knives and targets, and a discussion board.
Le site francais ressemble, il a des instructions comment lancer, photos des couteaux à lancer et des cibles, et un forum.

Online Shops for throwing knives

Please note that we are unable to guarantee the correctness of statements concerning the shipping costs, terms of order and the like.

Our own shop. We only included knives that we tested and liked. The orders are processed by us or by our partner Toolshop who can ship free of charge within the European Union.

Specialised in (portable) targets and no spin throwing knives. The shop is run by a team around the well-know no spin thrower Adam Čeladín, who is responsible for product design and selection. The knives and targets are produced by AceJet in the Czech Republic. Worldwide shipping.
Get our coupon code to order at AceJet with a discount.

Sells only knives of its own brand, manufactured in Asia in solid quality. They offer some unique throwing gadgets like the torpedo or the bad axe. From the throwing knives the true flight thrower and the perfect balance thrower (see our review) are especially interesting.
At their homepage, you can request a catalogue, but it takes ages till it arrives in Europe. They ship worldwide, you have to pay all the shipping/customs/insurance fees (call USA + 805 650 8481 for details).
I recommend to buy their products at one of the retailers. Many shops, like (external link / new window)Toolshop, carry their products.

This is the US-American branch of the old company Boeker Baumwerk from Solingen, Germany. The knives are still produced there, including the Tan-Kri, the star of their throwing knives line.
You can request the Magnum-catalogue at their page, which also includes many knives from the big brands.

Here you can buy some knives of the Gil Hibben line (even the new ones whose main feature is the futuristic design), and some other throwing knives that you will find in many weapon stores throughout Europe. Some of the knives are definitely too lightweight.
Shipping and handling into countries within the EU is about 5 Euro and up; You can pay with your credit card.

ISS seems to be the official online shop of the company (external link / new window)Linder from Solingen, Germany, they carry their complete line of throwing knives (located under Item groups). Nothing special, and all knives are sharp hindering a blade throw, but cheap prices.
Shipping and handling into countries within the EU is 15 Euro; You can pay with credit card, check, or advance payment to their bank account.

See above.

This are the pages of Bobby Branton, the president of the (external link / new window)AKTA (American Knife Throwers Alliance). He makes and sells heavy US-style throwers and an axe.
The shipping costs to Europe are 15 USD for the first knife, 4 USD for every next. Pay with cheques.

Patrick Brewster produces a wide collection of spike-like throwing objects, which are especially suited to be thrown using no spin techniques.
Shipping to Europe starts at 20 USD (ask them), payment via PayPal.

Here you will find a vast collection of unusual throwing knives and other throwing items that seem to have been designed by the marketing departments of the manufacurers.
The company is not really keen to ship outside the UK, but you can enquire about international shipping costs by email.

Has a collection of decent throwing knives. These tend to be rather lightweight, so be sure to pick up one of the heavier models.
Ships only within the UK, accepts major credit cards.

(external link / new window)According to Thrower, they have a wide range of knives in their catalogue and are quite cheap.
Send an email to to get their little monthly catalogue, which can also be downloaded. They ship to Europe, shipping charges do vary, enquire at
SMKW wrote:
We ship packages to Europe, but the shipping and handling fees depend on the merchandise that you order. Please inform us of the items you wish to purchase, and we will send you a shipping quote to your e-mail address. Please include your full address so the quote will be accurate to your location.

Beautiful and reasonably priced hand-forged throwing axes.
Shipping only to the USA.

Throwing related pages

Ordinary playing cards can be thrown quite far, and even with such a speed that they (external link / new window)stick in vegetables, (external link / new window)blow out candles or burst balloons. The most famous book on this topic is "Cards as Weapons" by (external link / new window)Rick Jay. It is out of print and now costs hundreds of Dollars, but fortunately, people on the web still provide (external link / new window)quotations from the book (in .doc).
Everybody interested in lerning this skills should read our course on how to throw playing cards hard.
The (external link / new window)Encyclopedia of Card Shooting deals with the issue of throwing cards from a magician's viewpoint.
Some hackers organised a competition for (external link / new window)card throwing machines.
Why the impact of a thrown playing card can by for not be likened to that of a buzz saw is detailed in the (external link / new window)science forum.

An amazingly huge private directory with links to thousands of knife related pages. All is ordered in categories, e.g. by country.

Collection of knife related links of an online retailer. Categories range from Antique Associations to Wood and Supplies.

Here you can learn all about how to sharpen your knives, and which tools to use. (I do recommend only to throw blunt knives!)

The Swedish axe manufacturer offers some general information about axes, as well as on Yxkastning.
Yxkastning means axe throwing :-)

These special darts you can throw like a throwing knife. Not allowed in all dart tournaments, but something new for the pub for sure :-)

Phil West writes books about self defense, and is interested in the history of arms: Do have a look at his reasearch on throwing (external link / new window)stones and (external link / new window)spears.

Axe throwing

Axe throwing is a sport: You throw your axe at a painted wooden target, and collect scores. Being quite heavy, the flight of an axe is rather stable. So, unlike with knife throwing, it's rather easy to have regularly sticking axes from the first try on. If you position a beginner at the correct spot (around 4m from the target), the axe will stick with a nice "thud".

This is why axe throwing is sometimes promoted as exciting sport for corporate events (for example by (external link / new window)Wooden Tom in Scotland, or (external link / new window)HWS events in the Black Forest).

Axe Throwing: The sport

Axe with a fiberglass handle. The standard axe has one blade - this kind of axe is also referred to as tomahawk or hawk (in the USA). Axe throwing enthusiasts usually also love to throw knives, so the competition rules for single blade axes and knives have been standardised by the same organisations: (external link / new window)EuroThrowers for the whole of Europe, (external link / new window)IKTHOF and (external link / new window)Blade Aces for the USA. See the (external link / new window)central event calendar for Europe to find a competition or meeting you can take part in.

Canada is a country where pure axe throwing has taken off as a sport and fun pastime. Companies like (external link / new window)Bad Axe Throwing have practice ranges all over Canada, offer beginners courses, regular range hours, and even their own axe throwing leagues.

To learn about techniques and tools for axe throwing, visit (external link / new window)Axtwerfen, the page of Norbert Maier. It was inspired by our page, and approaches every conceivable aspect of axe and knife throwing. The site is perpetually work in progress, and was instrumental in creating the central Big European Throwers Meeting together with (external link / new window)

The (external link / new window)Tomahawk Guys have videos showing (double handed) axe throws, and practical hints on building sturdy axe throwing targets.

Wooden axe handles regularly break from the impact (especially on target edges), so many throwers use fiberglass axe handles. Watch this (external link / new window)video on how an axe handle holds up to a sledgehammer.

Double Axe Throwing

The second big variety of axes are the big double axes that have two sharp blades, requiring long handles that are gripped with both hands. Double axe throwing is traditionally part of timbersports events. However, in some countries dedicated leagues emerged. Mostly, they use a variation of the rules that was published by the axe maker Gränsfors Bruk.

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