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13th Big Throwers Meeting / European Championship in Knife Throwing and Axe Throwing
13th-15th September 2013, Nivnice, Czech Republic

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Group photo of the participants of the 13th European Championship in Knife and Axe Throwing 2013.

Officially, the 13th European Championship in Knife and Axe Throwing started on Saturday with awards being handed out. Participants came from 13 nations (CH, CZ, DE, FR, HU, IT, LT, LV, PL, RU, SK, UK, ZA) , with some of them travelling quite a distance (South Africa, south Russia). To give them the opportunity to settle down, registration and training targets were already open on Friday.

The local organiser (external link / new window)W-Club had selected a very appealing area, with hotel, restaurant and holiday homes right on site - and enhanced it with 24 competition targets, 3 training areas and a special site for long-distance training. In the evenings, many throwers found together in big groups in the (external link / new window)hotel's restaurant. It felt like being in a summer camp for knife throwers.

Perfect knife throwing light after the rain.Even the constantly pouring rain did not manage to dampen the spirits. The throwers were just too occupied with training, competition throwing and having a look at the newest rankings handed out by the ladies from the administration. And hot tea, goulash and honey wine were available any time to keep you warm.

The official part started Saturday, with a handing out of certificates and medals for the current European record holders (donated by Mikhail Sedyshev and Boriss Mihailov). Owing to the numerous targets and arbiters, the throwing in the precision disciplines ((external link / new window)standard rules, knife 3m, 5m, 7m and axe 4m, 7m) went so quickly that in the evening, the long distance event knives could already be tackled.

After a good (and sometimes rather short) night's rest the distance events knife and axe continued on Sunday, breaking some (external link / new window)European records on the way. Quite some discussions were stirred by the Gyro Dart throwing knife, a newly released knife that flies without turning, the tip always facing the target. Some participants argued hotly that it yields an unfair advantage and should be banned from competitions. The special local competition - axe throwing while sitting behind a table - was followed by a wild west show with lasso twirling and bow shooting. The (external link / new window)duel cup in the afternoon, a 1-on-1 be-quicker throw, took longer as expected. (Drawing the pairings anew for each round might be fair, but takes forever.)

Throwing together and mingling with other sports knife throwers is the most important thing at a throwers meeting. But, since you want to know whom to talk to to get really good, the award ceremony is also always highly anticipated. In each discipline, separate for women and men, prices were handed out for the first three: certificates, hand-made ceramic thrower figurines, and sponsored prices (8 Swedish Knifen throwing knives, and 2 Gyro Dart no-turn throwing knives).

The EuroThrowers association wants to thank all the people who made this succesful thrower meeting possible: The local organiser W-Club, it's president Dušan Dvořák, the big sponsor (external link / new window)Žižka. And of course all the other helping hands from (external link / new window)Nivnice and from the (external link / new window)Naja club who worked in everything from setting up the area to keeping the scores.

Christian Thiel
(external link / new window)Richard Sunderland, thank you for the photo marked RS.

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Thumbnail of competition results.

Complete lists of results, in the following file formats: OpenOffice / Excel

Kramer, Lengmüller, Antoníček  

Knife 3m (men)

1st place: Werner Lengmüller (DE), 98 points
2nd place: Peter Kramer (DE), 97 points
3rd place: Rostislav Antoníček (CZ), 96 points
Agafonova, Pfitzinger, Ulianova  

Knife 3m (women)

1st place: Anne-Laure Pfitzinger (FR), 88 points
2nd place: Olga Agafonova (RU), 79 points
3rd place: Natalia Ulianova (RU), 69 points
Lengmüller, Antoníček, Havel  

Knife 5m (men)

1st place: Rostislav Antoníček (CZ), 92 points
2nd place: Werner Lengmüller (DE), 88 points
3rd place: Stany Havel (CZ), 86 points
Olbortová, Ulianova  

Knife 5m (women)

1st place: Lada Olbortová (CZ), 45 points [3x5]
2nd place: Tatiana Dolgikh (RU), 45 points [1x5]
3rd place: Natalia Ulianova (RU), 38 points
Cazoulat, Lengmüller, Boucreux  

Knife 7m (men)

1st place: Werner Lengmüller (DE), 83 points
2nd place: Pierre Cazoulat (FR), 75 points
3rd place: Pascal Boucreux (FR), 73 points
Ulianova, Chuvina, Polo  

Knife 7m (women)

1st place: Galina Chuvina (RU), 32 points
2nd place: Natalia Ulianova (RU), 23 points
3rd place: Lydia Polo (FR), 17 points
Boucreux, Antoníček, Havel  

Knife long distance (men)

1st place: Rostislav Antoníček (CZ), 17.02m
2nd place: Pascal Boucreux (FR), 16.78m
3rd place: Stany Havel (CZ), 16.70m
Karlíková, Agafonova, Ciocca, Chuvina  

Knife long distance (women)

1st place: Anna Agafonova (RU), 10.26m
2nd place: Ivana Karlíková (CZ), 10.00m
3rd place: Galina Chuvina (RU) & Catherine Ciocca (IT), 9.00m
       [tie not resolved]
Smékal, Havel, Lengmüller  

Axe 4m (men)

1st place: Stany Havel (CZ), 103 points
2nd place: Josef "Pepe" Smékal (CZ), 102 points
3rd place: Werner Lengmüller (DE), 100 points
Dell'Anna, Olbortová, Karlíková  

Axe 4m (women)

1st place: Lada Olbortová (CZ), 85 points
2nd place: Cosima "Mimì" Dell'Anna (IT), 70 points
3rd place: Ivana Karlíková (CZ), 65 points [8x5]
Sedyshev, Havel, Lengmüller  

Axe 7m (men)

1st place: Stany Havel (CZ), 91 points
2nd place: Mikhail Sedyshev (RU), 90 points
3rd place: Werner Lengmüller (DE), 87 points
Chuvina, Dell'Anna  

Axe 7m (women)

1st place: Galina Chuvina (RU), 32 points
2nd place: Tatiana Dolgikh (RU), 27 points
3rd place: Cosima "Mimì" Dell'Anna (IT), 26 points
Antoníček, Havel, Fedosenko  

Axe long distance (men)

1st place: Stany Havel (CZ), 26.04m
2nd place: Rostilslav Antoníček (CZ), 24.08m
3rd place: Sergey Fedosenko (RU), 22.00m
Boucreux, Polo  

Axe long distance (women)

1st place: Tatiana Dolgikh (RU), 13.64m
2nd place: Corinne Boucreux (FR), 10.90m
3rd place: Lydia Polo (FR), 10.27m
Stastny, Adams, Sedyshev  

Duel-Cup (men) (additional event)

1st place: Sergey Adams (DE)
2nd place: Jaroslav Stastny (FR)
3rd place: Mikhail Sedyshev (RU)

Duel-Cup (women) (additional event)

1st place: Natalia Ulianova (RU)
2nd place: Natalia Dolgikh (RU)
[No third place since participants were equal concerning rounds survived.]
Smékal, Havel, Žižka  

W-Club (additional event)

1st place: Stany Havel (CZ), 42 points
2nd place: Josef "Pepe" Smékal (CZ), 41 points
3rd place: Jiří Žižka (CZ), 40 points

If there was a tie for one of the first three places of an event, those throwers were rated higher that had a higher number of sticks in the bulls eye/5 points (as indicated in []).

The maximum number of points attainable in each event was 105.

Rules used

The rules employed were the (external link / new window)Standard European Knife and Axe throwing rules (2010 version). Accordingly, the following events were held: knife 3m, 5m, 7m, distance, axe 4m, 7m, distance event.

Out of the scope of the European Championship, the EuroThrowers duel-cup was held ((external link / new window)rules). The following changes to the 2013 rules were made to account for local conditions: The target area were the full 50cm, and the throwers had to stand with both feet in the zone stretching from 3m to 4m distance from the target.

W-Club special

Also out of the scope of the official Championship, the following special event was held by the local W-Club: Axe throwing from 4m while sitting on a bench behind a table.
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