A view of the setup at the IMAC Martion Arts Olympics 2011.

Report on Knife Throwing at the Fifth Martial Arts Olympics East-West Open, April 2011, St. Petersburg

Impressions from the Knife Throwing at the IMAC Martion Arts Olympics 2011.

On 15-17 April, 2011, in the (external link / new window)St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex the Fifth (external link / new window)IMAC Martial Arts Olympics East-West Open took place. The list of competitions included the following traditional disciplines: Karate, Japan style weapons, Nippon kempo kobudo, Free style full contact fighting, Taekwondo, Wushu, Thai boxing, and many others.

One discipline in the list was rather unsual for most participants and spectators - Knife throwing, arranged and supervised by Alexander Morozov. In 2011 the discipline was presented for the second time, as the great work performed by Alexander had been noticed and appreciated by the Olympics holders. Alexander Morozov is an establisher of the Saint Petersburg’s club for knife throwing (external link / new window)С.Т.А.Л.К.Е.Р.Ъ (pronounced as [‘stʌlkə]), and he strives to develop this sport and build awareness about it for the public.

The winners (out of 40 participants) of the final rounds are the following:

Olesya Tereshko
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