Throwing Knife Collection: John Bailey Portrait John Bailey

Seasoned knife throwing promotor John Bailey sent me some highlights from his collection.

Hint: If you hover your mouse over a knife, it's model name will show.
John Bailey's throwing knife collection in detail.
3 Harry McEvoy Bowie-Axes A big EK throwing knife 1 western-Style (crazyhorse) 3 12 inch Hibben Enose star 4 ColdSteel 'True Flight' 1 ColdSteel 'Warhead' Enose collapsible star 2 Bob Karp 'II' 1 Magnum 3 Bailey Bo-Kris 2 Enos custom mades McEvoy custom made KGB ballistic knife (shot using a spring) 1 16 inch Paul La Cross 3 McEvoy 'Pro-Thrower' 3 Hibben 6 EK throwing knives 5 Hibben McEvoy custom made McEvoy Bowie-Axe custom made 3 McEvoys

Find the knife models:

On the tree stump bottom left: 3 Harry McEvoy Bowie-Axes

Above the stump (clockwise) are a big EK throwing knife, a western style (crazyhorse), a Enose star, 3 12 inch Hibben, 4 ColdSteel "True Flight", a ColdSteel "Warhead", a Enose collapsible star, 2 Bob Karp "II";

Inner ring, starting at 12 o'clock: A Magnum, 3 Bailey Bo-Kris, 2 Enos custom mades, a McEvoy custom made, a 16 inch Paul La Cross, a KGB ballistic knife (shot using a spring);

On the green bag: 3 McEvoy "Pro-Thrower", above-left are 3 Hibben, above-left 6 EK throwing knives;

For the rest of the throwing knives, see the line from 11 o'clock to 5 o'clock: 5 Hibben, a McEvoy custum made, a McEvoy Bowie-Axe custom made, 3 McEvoys;

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German: John Baileys Wurfmesser Sammlung