Throwing Knife Reviews & Collections

Browse detailed throwing knife reviews written by expert knife throwers. For each throwing knife find out how it throws and bites the wood, and which throwing styles it likes best. If you need a sturdy knife for daily practice, or a fun thrower to take on camping trips: The expert reviews will give you an idea which throwing knife to choose.

Trying to learn what types of throwing knives exist? Have a look at our portraits of personal throwing knife collections. You will see which throwing knife models are common, and discover some stylish throwers.

Throwing Knife Reviews

Comparison of three no spin throwing knives: Arrow, Faka, and Gyro Dart. (YouTube video opens in new page.)

For the basics, read up on essential features of a throwing knife (like balance and tip), and how to practice throwing. Over at Thrower, Matthew Rapaport also reviewed throwing knives, and (external link / new window)Scott Gracia has a list of throwing knife collections.

Once you found your perfect throwing knife in the reviews, chances are that you can buy it in our own throwing knife shop.

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Discontinued Throwing Knives

Throwing Knife Collections

Live Collections at Knife Thrower Meetings

Do attend a knife thrower meeting or competition to find the biggest throwing knife collection of your life. The friendly sports throwers will even offer to try out their knives. Some impressions in the images below.

Pottenstein 2004: For the press, all throwing implements where put into the targets.
LBHR 2002: That's the collection of knives people brought to the meeting.
Unexpected stylish throwing objects at the registration of the Rymarov 2018 competition.
Competition tools in unexpected places - makes for stylish transport. Newark 2019
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