Group photo of nearly all the participants in Kacice.

First May Throwers Meeting in Kacice, Czech Republic, 15th/16th of May 2009

Official results: detailed (.xls file)

The location saw flying steel for the first time: a grassy area on the grounds of the local soccer club, accessible only by means of a swaying bridge over a (admittedly docile) creek. The organiser, Fery Olbort from the (external link / new window)Naja club, however is quite experienced in organising competitions, having run, among others, the 2008 Big European Throwers Meeting.

The 24 (throwing) participants from the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia and Poland found a well-prepared setup with separate training and competition targets, and dedicated arbiters and score-collectors. As usual, the Czech participants and supporters set up their own town of camping tents, while further travelling throwers stayed in hotels in the area.

The main events were knife throwing from the distances of 3.5m, 5m and 7m, and axe throwing from 4m and 7m. As usual in the Czech Republic, only one throwing implement per event was allowed. The points from the "throwing knives through a window frame" event also counted towards the main score, while the other special events got a separate rating: throwing the axe while sitting behind a table, knife throwing at cards and knife throwing at night with only a solitary torch as light source.

I enjoyed the sunny day pretty much, flinging steel and chatting with fellow throwers and friends.

Christian Thiel

Sasha, thank you for compiling the detailed results.


Female overall winners. Male overall winners.
The female overall winners:
Tereza, Marketa and Katenna.
The male overall winners:
Stan, Pepe, and Fery.

Throwing the axe while sitting at a table. Two of the unusual events: throwing the axe while sitting behind a table (feet at the 4m line)...
Knife throwing at night - you don't see how your knives land in the target (or don't). ...and knife throwing at night. Don't hope you'll see how your knives hit the target.

Michael Pahl, thank you very much for the photos marked with MP!

This were the rules:


You have 2 test throws for each event, which has to be declared as such in advance.

The best ring that is cut will be counted (in doubt, pull out the blade to verify the cut).

You can move a maximum of 1m back (3.5-4.5, 5-6, 7-8 ), overstepping is not tolerated.

The target is are coloured concentric rings: 10cm (center), 5 points / 20cm, 4 points / 30cm, 3 points / 40cm, 2 points /50cm, 1 point

Any kind of holding the knife/axe is permitted.

Tools can be changed only when damaged, you have to use the same knife/axe for all events.

Axe with only one blade, maximum breadth of the blade 12cm. Tools can be of any weight and size.

Participant under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Due to safety reason we ask all participants not to drink too much of alcoholic drinks during the event. Drunk participant will be disqualified and sent off the place.

If there are female participants, they will be ranked separately.

Every participant has to have a third party liability insurance.

Every participants has to sign that he accepts the rules, and that he takes part at his own risk.

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