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Of course you can not only throw knives but virtually any object that comes to hand: screw drivers, large Nails or old scissors (these will yield even two throwers :-) Because these things tend to be lightweight, they can be thrown indoors (see (external link / new window)Knife throwing lite by E. Sackett).

As an alternative, take some piece of steel and built a throwing knife out of it (see (external link / new window)gallery at Throwzini). Find more ideas in our collection:

Clothes hanger

Throwing dart out of a steel clothes hanger. The following instructions have kindly been provided by DreadDave, who got the idea from Throwzini where you can also find (external link / new window)photos.

As material, you will need a metal coat hanger (the thicker the wire, the better). Cut it in the middle, then on the outside, leaving 2-3cm after the bend (see picture). Crimp this bend down to meet the shaft and sharpen the other end.
Now you are ready to throw this spike (grip the pointed end for best results) into a target that is not too hard: Get hold of some styrofoam or other similar insulation material, and wrap it with tape to make it more durable.

As DreadDave put it: Great rainy day indoor fun!

Fire throwing knife

Fire throwing knives

Markus Freitag collected some hints on burning throwing knives.

Throw playing cardsThrow playing cards

Ordinary playing cards can be thrown! Trained professionals can send their cards many meters through the air, stick them in melons or slice bananas. But try it yourself, and the cards will just flutter to the ground. Now you can learn this slight of hand with these detailed instructions on how to throw cards.

Axe Throwing

Thrown axe with fiberglass handle sticking nicely in the target. It's not that unusual for a knife thrower to also throw axes. In fact, most knife throwers try out axes, and soon realise that with axes, aiming is the tricky part, not the sticking itself. This is because with a minimum of 500g, axes have more inertia and thus a more stable flight than knives. In fact, you simple stand in a distance of 4m to the target, grab the axe handle like a hammer (thumb on the side), throw - and most likely it sticks. Find more instructions via our axe trowing link section. For axe throwing meetings and competitions, the axe throwers have the same umbrella organisation as the knife throwers - (external link / new window)EuroThrowers.

When you are freshly starting off with axe throwing - or on a bad throwing day - the handle does hit the edge of the target with quite some force. A wooden handle will simply break after some of those hits. This is why sturdy axe replacement handles made of fibreglass are used by many axe throwers - they even have a suitable weight.

Lathed throwing spike

Throwing spike M. Hopf.

The throwing spike has a very appealing design, it looks like a weapon out of a science fiction movie. It has a length of 22cm and is quite heavy with its 230g.

You can throw the spike like a knife, the diameter of 20-28mm permits a hammer grip on both ends: Gripped by the tip, you have a good portion of the tool in your hand; the handles features a groove in which the middle fingers fits naturally if hold here, thus the spike will stick out of your hand quite much. Because the center of gravity is not in the middle, a funny phenomenon occurs: from the first distance, you can throw the spike from the handle or the tip, it will stick either way! It just has to hit the target very straight, a leaning to the left or right will not be forgiven. It is no problem if the handle is up or down a little when the spike hits the target, here the tool is nearly as forgiving as a knife.

The spike is manufactured by the hobbyist M. Hopf from Germany on his lathe. The idea came to his mind when he was lathing a spinning toy for his son. Whereas the first tries were rather fragile, the new models are very tough and the tip can be screwed off and replaced separately. Every spike looks different because, as he says, "the design starts with the work". The manufacturer is also throwing the spike with the hammer grip.

Different throwing spikes by M. Hopf. Every single piece has a unique design.
Every throwing spike is unique.
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