Nieto Gran Lanxador

Not manufactured any more. Recommended alternative: Faka throwing knife

Gran Lanxador, good throwing knife from Nieto

The Gran Lanxador manufactured by the Spanish forge Nieto is a good throwing knife and well suited for beginners. With its 200g, it is not too heavy, yet has enough weight to avoid the floating and wobbling that lighter knives get into. The whole throwing knife has a black coating, making it good to grip. The coating will wear off at the tip after some use, but that doesn`t really bother. Because of the geometry of the blade, the knife sticks firmly in the target.

The knife is made from softer steel, so that you can repair dents easily with a file (which is especially nice to know for beginners :-) The blade is not sharp, making a blade grip possible. The 25cm long and 4mm thick knife lays comfortably in your hand.

The moveable weight to adjust the center of gravity is just a toy and something to get obsessed with, I always remove it. Without this weight, the knife is about center balanced as it should be, and the groove is easier to clean. The sheath included is made from foam rubber, and holds the knife well. Just the loop to fix it on the belt is somewhat delicate.

John`s easy to learn knife throwing style works perfectly with this knife (as well as the professional style).

All in all, this throwing knife is perfectly suited for beginners, as well as the advanced knife thrower who wants to alternate his grip and throw from greater distances of 6m and further.

Production of the Gran Lanxador has been discontinued by Nieto as of 2021. The best alternative for beginners and advanced throwers is the Faka throwing knife, which also allows gripping the blade and the handle.

Hubertus Silberpfeil
(Not manufactured any longer)

Silberpfeil throwing knife from Hubertus

The classic Silberpfeil (= Silver Arrow) from the German company Hubertus is a nice throwing knife for beginners, not too heavy with its 135g. It is made from one piece of very tough steel, so it doesn`t matter if you miss the target. If even withstands direct hits against a concrete wall. The blade is not sharpened, making it possible to easily throw from the blade. With its length of 23cm and thickness of 3mm, the knife really feels good in your hand.

Because it is so lightweight, you can use the snap throw or the less hectic professional style to hurl it into the target. The perforation at the handle ensures that the knife does not leave your hand early.

After every use, you should clean the Silberpfeil (and all other throwing knives, too) with a washcloth and then dry it thoroughly.

As of 2003, Hubertus decided not to manufacture this knife any longer. Beware: There are knives on the market from other companies with a similar design, sometimes even the name Silberpfeil, but they can not be recommended! In my experience, they have a sharp blade to cut your hand, the sharp angles make for an uncomfortable grip, and they are made from cheap metal that tends to bend. Beginners should now go for the Faka throwing knife.

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