Professional Faka throwing knife.

Faka throwing knife

(external link / new window)Dalmo Mariano from Brazil did try out quite some designs in his workshop before he arrived at creating his perfect professional throwing knife: the Faka. It is laser cut from 4.5mm thick steel, then the bevels are added by hand. The steel used is a good Brazilian medium carbon steel, strong and reliable. It is tempered to a hardness in the low 40s of the Rockwell scale, because a throwing knife should never break on high impact, but merely bend so that it can be repaired easily. But apart from a few scratches at the tip, two test throws against a concrete wall did not damage the Faka at all!

The tip is pointed and sticks well, the edge is just hinted, not sharp, a bar of 2mm has been left. Thus, a hammer grip can be used on the blade as well on the handle, there is no limitation to a special throwing style. Slightly changing the grip lets you influence the rotation. The bump on the spine of the knife allows for natural thumb placement. Because the Faka (after Portuguese "Faca" = knife) is not polished to mirror shine, it provides a very secure grip.

The throwing knife is available in two versions: The normal Faka is 26cm long and has a weight of 220g. It turns very fast, during 1.4m of flight* it will make a full turn. I stick it consistently from 3.8m with two turns.
The big Faka throwing knife is 35cm long and has a weight of 380g! This means it is in the league of professional throwing knives which can be thrown for rather long distances. It takes 2.4m for a full turn. Sticking from 3.8m with one turn, it is suitable for contests.

New design of the faka throwing knife.The center of gravity is in the middle with both versions. Because the throwing knives are produced in little numbers and improved constantly, all features can vary slightly from series to series. The current generation 3 Fakas for example (see picture; measures above) got slightly shorter and slimmer, but also heavier because thicker metal was used. The Fakas now look like a prototypical down-to-earth knife. The back of the blade is slanted for maximum sticking power.

The Faka has been used as the basis for a fire throwing knife.

You can buy the Faka throwing knife in our online shop.

* Distances given are for a certain style of throwing and can vary with different throwers. But they are a good guiding value.
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German: Faka Wurfmesser