Knife throwing competitions in Russia: Summary 2009

In July 2009, the (external link / new window)9th Russian Open Championship took place in Samara, and on the 5th/6th of July the (external link / new window)"Silver Knife" competition was held in Moscow, gathering participants from various Russian regions.

Competition Silver Knife in Moscow.

Both competitions proceeded according to Unifight rules. The (external link / new window)Unifight club is involved in martial arts in general, and also practices knife throwing. The rules are: women and the youth throw from the distances of 3m and 5m, men from 5m, 7m and 9m (10 series with 3 knives each). The best eight throwers finally compete for the "Absolut" title, with all distances thrown as a marathon. The scoring zones are concentric rectangles: 12 cm x 8 cm = 20 points, 20 cm x 16 cm = 15 points, 28 cm x 19 cm = 10 points, 36cm x 27 cm = 5 points.

Even though the target-layout and scoring differs from the Eurothrowers rules, one can try to compare: For example the 335 out of 600 points (5m distance) of Michail Sedyschev or the 520/600 (3m, Tatjana Ljubimowa) at the Russian Open are very good. The Russians carry the best results as world records. For example during "Silver Knife" the following records were registered: 3m + 5m = 570/600 +430/600 = 1000 by Elena Polynova. Quite impressive! And 370/600 at 9m by Michail Sedyschev is also a very good result.

Alexander Martynov
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