European Knife Throwers List

The sport of knife throwing is most fun if you can throw together with other people. In this list, you will hopefully find knife throwers (and axe throwers!) from your area. Click on their names to send them a message.

If you like throwing, please put yourself on the list! That way, we can build up a real community. Just send us an email (or paper mail) with your name, country and city, the history of your throwing, and perhaps a picture of you. If you do not want your email address to show up on the list, we can give you an anonymous address and forward the emails to you.

People from all over the world may also try the (external link / new window)list at Throwzini. Note that there are quite some knife thrower meetings in Europe, which are mostly organised by the (external link / new window)European Throwing Club "Flying Blades" (Eurothrowers), where you can meet fellow knife throwers! Have a look at their (external link / new window)map of knife throwing clubs to find a sports throwing club near you.

For more sports community websites, turn to our knife throwing web directory.


Austria See more on our (external link / new window)detailed map.


Tom Huau; 7.3.2021, #42Tom Huau
Brussels region
(external link / new window)Tom's knife throwing and magic shows
I speak Dutch, English, French, and Mandarin.

Learned knife and axe throwing by myself, and had my international debut at the World Championship in Callac. Nowadays I do knife throwing at team events and in my magic show. Interested in meeting other throwers in my area!


Czech Republic

Knife throwers in the Czech Republic are rather well connected, see for example the clubs W-Club, (external link / new window)Naja or (external link / new window)Blade Throwers.

Fery Olbort; 21.10.2007, #42Fery Olbort
Involved with the (external link / new window)NAJA club.
I speak Czech and Russian.

I started throwing back in 1965, and for the last ten years I have been competing at tournaments in knife- and tomahawk throwing. I'm on stage with a show where I throw various things like cutlery, needles, scissors, screwdrivers and others.


Jean Ascher; 15.10.2002, #8Jean Ascher - Artist

We from the (external link / new window)ChangHigh Circus throw all kinds of knives, axes, torpedoes, spears, and tomahawks.
We travel around fairs, festivals and playgrounds and practice and teach throwing to young and old.
We are a little circus, with unicycles, juggling, archery, knifethrowing.
We perform, teach and give workshops.
We participate in medieval fairs and festivals all over Europe.


Ari Lauanne; 8.2.2003, #21Ari Lauanne - Artist
(external link / new window)My knife throwing show

I have been interested in knife and tomahawk throwing from the early years of my childhood. The first real throwing knives I found when I was adult.
Little by little my hobby began to develop as a product of (external link / new window)my entertainment business. Under my alias "Whiper Jones" I do some whipcracking and knife throwing for my customers, even in my medieval themed "executioner"-role!
It`s wonderful to be able to work for fun! :-))

Kari Salonius; 21.10.2002, #14Kari Salonius
(external link / new window)My knives and axes
I speak English, Suomi, and Svenska

Howdy, my name is Kari Salonius and I live in the city of Vantaa in Finland. I started throwing knives and axes back in 1961, I believe. I`m 54 years old now and still love this sport as much as I loved it 40 odd years ago. Mostly I throw knives and axes I`ve made myself, but have also a couple of Bob Karp knives (thanks Bob), some Blazing Arrows and buckskinner type knives. Now I have about 80 or 90 knives, gotta get more.
Let`s get together, Let`s feel the steel.

Tim Malmsten; 13.01.2013, #55Tim Malmsten
Kirkkonummi, Uudenmaanlääni
(external link / new window)
I speak English, Suomi and Svenska

I started throwing in 2008. My goal still is to learn how to throw several different kinds of throwing knives from several different distances. And of course to be an accurate thrower. I teach knifethrowing for beginners in (external link / new window)Tapanilan Urheilukeskus in Helsinki.

Ari Karppanen; 31.01.2013, #56Ari Karppanen
Kirkkonummi, Uudenmaanlääni
(external link / new window)
I speak Finnish and English

Started to throw knives in 2008. Trying to improve my throwing skills at basic distances and add certain accurancy to the throws also. I like to throw big knives and medium ones.
Knifethrowing instructor for beginners at (external link / new window)Tapanilan Urheilukeskus in Helsinki.

Voyez aussi la liste des rencontres et sites de lancer couteaux en France.

Philippe Catania; 15.10.2002, #4Philippe Catania
Blog (external link / new window)Maitre Lanceur
I speak Francais, and quite some Deutsch and English.

I live in Corsica, in the middle of nowhere. I started out with screwdrivers but switched to real knives about a year ago. I would like to find somebody else to throw with!
If any thrower plans a visit to Corsica, he can contact me!
See my knives and read my full story. Et visizez (external link / new window)mon site web "Les armes de jet".

Michel Dujay, 24.9.2004, #26Michel Dujay - Artist
(external link / new window)My show / Mon spectacle "Bison fou"
(external link / new window)My knive shop / Ma boutique des couteaux a lancer et mon DVD pédagogique
I speak Francais only. / Je parle seulement le français.

Throwing knives for more than 30 years now, it became one of my dearest hobbies. I am the author of the first French video on knife throwing.

Simon Benjamin, 18.10.2004, #27Benjamin Simon
(external link / new window)
I speak Francais and a small bit of English. / Je parle le français et un peut d'anglais.

Like many others, I have been brought to the passion of knife throwing by comic strips and films. Not finding any information on that topic on the Internet in French language, I made my own (external link / new window)site. A good way to develop in the sport.
Comme beaucoup d'autres, c'est en regardant des bandes dessinées et des films que je me suis pris pour passion de lancer les couteaux. Ne trouvant rien à se sujet en français sur Internet, j'ai réalisé un (external link / new window)site. Une bonne façon d'évoluer dans ce sport.

Pascal Boucreux, 1.1.2005, #28Pascal Boucreux
Pascal passed away ✝ in October 2023, he is greatly missed!
Saint-Mars-la-Brière, Sarthe 72
I speak French only. / Je parle le français seulement.

I started throwing at the age of 15 in the forest behind our house, trying to imitate Davy Crocket. Now I am member of a (external link / new window)group of passionate knife and axe throwers.
J'ai commencé a lancer des couteaux à l'age de 15, dans la forêt qui borde ma maison, cherchant à imiter Davy Crocket. Depuis quelques mois nous sommes une (external link / new window)groupe de passionnés à lancer la hache et les couteaux.

See more on our (external link / new window)detailed map, and visit our German site

Christian Thiel, 11.10.2002, #1Christian Thiel
South Germany
I speak English, Deutsch and Francais.

I started throwing back in 1998, with nobody to teach me. Then I read some books, webpages, and finally met other throwers. Now I am constantly getting better, and put up this website so that people can share their knowledge. I prefer knives with no sharp edges around 300g or a bit heavier.

"Indian" Christian Prestin, 22.10.2002, #16"Red Indian" Christian Prestin - Artist
Müncheberg, near Berlin
I speak English, Deutsch and Russian

Started throwing as a child, till all kitchen knives were lost or broken. Then, ten years ago, I revived that to do some shows. Because I didn`t know anybody, I made my own knives and axes and taught myself how to throw. Now I met other throwers, read on the Internet and thus improve my throwing. I throw very different knives and axes, preferably tomahawks.
Since 2001, we hold an annual big throwers meeting here on (external link / new window)our ranch.

Peter Kramer, 5.10.2005, #30Peter Kramer
I speak Deutsch, Francais (plus ou moins), English, Spanish
(external link / new window)My Messer-Pete homepage

Actually I have been throwing for more than 25 years without even knowing about the plenty of fools like me, who too like this kind of sport. I have practised on beaches or forests, but now I have built up lots of targets in my garden. Until now, I have taken part in several competitions and, as time passes by, my results are getting better an better. I have made lots of good friends in the throwing scene I do not want to miss anymore.
Meanwhile, I wrote a book on knife and axe throwing, and am offering courses!
Apart from this I have won the European Highdiving Competition (2007, 10-m Platform Diving, Men 40-44 Years.). Think I like to see things rotating, if it´s my knives or my body, - no difference - .
Some French throwers have called me "La Machine" this year because of my way of throwing knives. I don't mind.
Let´s get together!

Gabriela Beckmann, 1.7.2007, #40Gabriela Beckmann
I speak Deutsch and English

Happy-end of a little odyssey: Finally I have found a garden for knife throwing and my kettlebell training. It´s very beautiful here, especially in the early morning. If you like, you can write in English or German.

Marcel Müller, 4.5.2009, #46Marcel Müller
South Germany
I speak Deutsch and English

After some quiet years, I started throwing again for serious.

Francesco Martini, 25.11.2010, #48Francesco Martini - Artist
South Germany
I speak Deutsch only.

I'm from an old circus family which runs the Circus Martini. Knife throwing is only one of the skills that I master, but the throwing competitions sure are fun!

Lamine, 3.2.2023, #72Lamine
I speak Deutsch and English

My first experience with throwing was when i was about 9 years old and my friend got his hands on a shuriken from his father. The first throw was a hit and from there on I pretty much fell in love with everything that flies.
Years later another friend introduced me to the no spin throwing style and I knew that's my thing.




More Italian knife throwers can be found at one of the big associations, like (external link / new window)Scuola Italiana Lancio Coltelli ed Asce (S.I.L.C.A) - see also the (external link / new window)map of knife thrower clubs.

sorry, no picture available; 7.1.2003, #20Marco Boatta

Self taught, I am writing a little book in Italian about knife throwing.

Stefano Cristini, 15.4.2008, #44Stefano Cristini
Poggio Mirteto
(external link / new window)Scuola Italiana Lancio Cotelli ed Asce
Italian only

I was born in Rome, but since 1981 I'm living in on the country near Poggio Mirteto (Rieti). I've been praticing the sport of throwing knives and axes with great passion since I was a boy and now as a grandfather I still train everyday. I am able to teach it to anybody interested in throwing.

Enrico Moro, 24.4.2012, #52Enrico Moro - Artist
My show at (external link / new window)Serenissimi Giullari
Italian, English

Not long time throwing, not seriously throwing, actually a jester throwing for the joy of the audience. But I also enjoy throwing myself! Being a member of the SILCA associations, I do not throw around human targets. My knives I make myself, because I am too lazy to go to the target after 3 throws, rather only after I threw all my 15 home-made knives. In whatever I do, fun is the main goal.

Niuman Family, 10.9.2021, #70; Photos taken at their Show 2021 in Pullman City.Niuman Family - Artists
Performing all over Europe
(external link / new window)Our show on facebook
Italian, English

The Niuman family Donald, Vanessa and son, have their roots in a long line of circus artists. They perform knife throwing, axe throwing, lasso and revolver.
Their knife throwing specialty is the wheel of death. They made their own wheels, and so Vanessa is either spinning head over heels, or comfortably standing on her feet.
The Niumans show their skills in shows all over Europe, and have experience with TV appearances. Besides the wild west them, they also offer gothic themed shows.


Karlis Simanovics, 1.7.2019, #68Karlis Simanovics
I speak English, Russian, Latvian
(external link / new window)My video channel

Started to throw throwing stars and construction nails at around 2009, when I got my accuracy to a point that i felt confident, I moved on to traditional spin throwing with some throwing knives. At the spring of 2019, I started to learn instinctive no-spin knife throwing. I even have my (external link / new window)knife throwing youtube channel.


Anton Chiseliov, 12.9.2008, #45Anton Chiseliov
I speak English, Russian, Romanian
My homepage

I like knifethrowing! I started when I was 13 and now, 8 years later with daily practice, I'm almost a master. Throwing from distances of 1.5m to 11m. My favourite throw is a half-spin technique. Sometimes I also throw axes, shuriken, screw drivers, shovels...

the Netherlands


Tommy Johansen, 17.3.2012, #50Tommy Johansen
I speak Norwegian and English
(external link / new window)My videos (KnifeOfNorway)

Living in a small city near Oslo. I'm new to knife and hawk throwing and started throwing in february 2012. The first time i tried, I immediately loved it and ordered my first kniv es the day after. I practice 1-3 times a week for about 1-4 hours.

Kjetil Johansen, 9.4.2012, #51Kjetil Johansen
I speak Norwegian and English
(external link / new window)My videos

Im a beginner and started to throw two month ago with my friend Tommy Johansen. Always loved knives and finally I found someone to throw with. I pratice 1-3 times a week for about 1-4 hours each time.

Mustafa Al-Saedy, 31.12.2016, #65Mustafa Al-Saedy
I speak Norwegian, English and Arabic

Got interested in the 90s, but never got the opportunity then. Now I can do half rotation throws easily, and need to adjust for one roation (from 3m on). Looking forward to contacts to throw with!


Piotrek Stachera; 14.11.2006, #35Piotrek Stachera
I speak Polish, English, and a little bit of Deutsch.

I'm throwing knives for about 2 years now (started in early 2005), about a year ago I bought myself a kukri and really enjoy throwing it. If sombody wants to chat about knives, throwing them or about anything else mail me.

Arek Ossowski; 27.6.2011; #49Arek Ossowski
I speak Polish and English.
(external link / new window)Knife Throwing Instructions / Informację na temat rzucania nożem

Fascinated by (and selling) knives for many years, I started a foray into knife throwing. With no information in Polish available, I (external link / new window)translated some core instructions from for fellow Polish throwers (who are very much invited to contact me).

Michał Prądzyński; 10.11.2014, #64Michał Prądzyński
I speak Polish and English.
(external link / new window)My throwing knife blog and shop

I started throwing knives a few years ago, then took part in a local competition (and won). Then I decided I want different throwing knives than those availible on the market, and began (external link / new window)making them.



Sorry, no picture available; Andrei Cojacaru; 29.11.2006, #36Andrei Cojacaru
I speak English and Francais.

I was born in 1978 and started throwing as a little boy. I love throwing! Greetings to all knife throwers.


There is a very active knife throwing community in Russia. At the central May 2008 event, organised by the Patriot club, more than 100 throwers competed. As of 2018, there are some 150 regularly active knife throwers in Russia. Some clubs, like the Moscow-based Hard hand (see below) train knife throwing only, others practice it as part of their fight sport oriented activities.
(external link / new window)Metatel reports on competitions and clubs in Russia, and publishes a yearly national event calendar.

Knife throwing instructions in Russian:

 Russian Knife Throwing Club Hard Hand in Moscow.The (external link / new window)Russian Knife Throwing Club "Hard Hand" is based in Moscow. Co-founded in 2001 by the actor Muhtarbek Kantemirov †, it was headed by Vladimir Kovrov †, the well known knife maker who invented the Leader knife.
To find out more, visit the club website.

Igor Krychun; 30.5.2014, #62Igor Krychun - Artist
I speak Russan and English
(external link / new window)My knife thrower show

Throwing knives since earliest childhood. My graduation present was a set of hand-made throwing knives from my father. The movie "The Girl on the Bridge" made me realise that knife throwing was not going to be my hobby, but my life. Since then, I'm perfecting my show with my partner Tatiana. We work for the circus, do corporate shows, and appear on television.


Denis; 3.1.2005, #29Denis

I throw knives regularly, don't know when I started. I am planing to start a club here in Belgrade. Please email me if you are interested in knife throwing!

Milos Pavkov; 10.11.2012, #54Miloš Pavkov
I speak Serbian and English.

I am new at the knife throwing, but I was always a fan of knives. Now I am practicing knife throwing and slinging about once a week. My favorite throw is the half spin throw.

Nenad Radovic; 22.05.2019, #67Nenad Radovic
I speak Serbian and English.
Reach me on (external link / new window)youtube and (external link / new window)facebook

I'm throwing knives since I'm ten years old, usually using a half spin technique. And I don't call it practice, but enjoyment! I wish all sports throwers lots of luck, fun and bullseyes.


Tomas "TomAnt" Antonic; 15.10.2002, #11Tomas "TomAnt" Antonic
Bratislava (capital city)

Since when do I throw, what, and how:
- Since my 6th birthday :) (Actually Im 25)
- Every knife I can lay my hands on
- I think good, good for me, but I know that I have to improve my style (still this "baseball throw problem").



Thor Fogelberg Jensen; 27.11.2005, #31Thor Fogelberg Jensen (also know as Thorzini)
Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain
I speak English, Spanish and a little bit of Deutsch.

Have been backyard throwing now for a couple of years, driving all non-throwers mad, but have collected a small posse of ardent fans, admirers and fellow throwers.... I need to meet more throwers for my ego to grow bigger and so allow me to throw even better! I have developed a game called "shivs'n daggers", it is a bit like snakes and ladders meets darts.
A final word from Thorzini: you are only as good as you believe you are!!!


Mikael Stålbrandt; 30.01.2013, #57Mikael Stålbrandt
I speak Swedish and English

I have just (2013) been starting with knife throwing so I am a really a beginner in this. Living in Sweden and working in Oslo, Norway. Please be in touch so I can learn more about throwing knives.

Björn; 6.8.2013, #59Björn
I speak Swedish and English
(external link / new window)Knifen - Homepage and Shop

I have been throwing knifes for many years since I was a teen and have now designed a throwing knife named "Knifen" because I didn't find a knife I was totally satisfied with. I manufacture this knife in Sweden of high strength Swedish steel from SSAB. Available on my homepage.
A review of the Knifen is available.

See more on our (external link / new window)detailed map.

The (external link / new window)Schweizer Werfer Vereinigung ((external link / new window)homepage / (external link / new window)facebook) promotes knife and axe throwing as a sport in Switzerland.

Sheila Cereghetti; 27.8.2012, #53;Sheila "KyuubiNoKitsune" Cereghetti
I speak Italiano, Francais and some English
Founding member of the (external link / new window)Axe Throwing Club Ticino

Started throwing in 2012. I only throw axes (about 900g) at the moment, as in (external link / new window)Switzerland it's a legally gray area to carry a throwing knife around. Having no teacher here, I'm figuring it out myself. My boyfriend and a friend join me in the throwing fun, and we organised a Ticinese club.

Carlo Kneubühler; 18.6.2013, #58;Carlo "Karl" Kneubühler
I speak Italiano and Deutsch
Founder of the (external link / new window)Axe Throwing Club Ticino

At the advanced age of 25, I started an axe throwing club here in Tecino - the first one in Switzerland. We throw mainly double bladed axes, but in medieval events we also throw daninsh axes, french axes and tomahawks.

Jan Oswald; 29.9.2013, #60;Jan Oswald
I speak Englisch and Deutsch and Schwizerdütsch
Cofounder of the (external link / new window)Schweizer Werfer Vereinigung

I startet throwing some 10 years ago, together with whith my best friend Gordon Tschanen. We exercised with all the kitchen knives we could get from our mothers. Some years later we found (external link / new window) and (external link / new window), and since then trained more and more seriously. Then started going to competitions, first in Forni Avoltri and then in Nivnice. Our competition results were not great, but we met so many cool throwers from diffrent nations! Thanks to all, it really pushed us to train more and more!

It's not easy to throw knives in Switzerland, because of the (external link / new window)laws on buying or importing throwing knives. If you are from Switzerland and have any questions or need help, do contact me. I do my best to make knive and axe throwing more popular in Switzerland.


United Kingdom

Knife and axe throwers in the UK are organised in the (external link / new window)KATTA UK. The club headed by John Taylor has throwing ranges in Yorkshire.

Plenty of (external link / new window)local knife- and axe throwing clubs all over the UK have sprung since KATTA was founded.

John Taylor, 12.7.2006, #33John Taylor
I speak English
(external link / new window)My UK throwing club (KATTA UK)

I have always had an interest in knives and was fortunate enough to retire from work, now one of my hobbies is knife and axe throwing. I have a proper range and would welcome anyone to it, to talk, learn from each other or just throw. For fun, I invented the knife throwing game of Knife Snooker.
I have a collection of knives in various sizes and weights but favour a longer knife with a bit of weight to it, for longer throws.
If anybody would like a trial throw or to just chat about knife throwing over here in England, please contact me.

Roy Hutchison; 15.10.2002, #2Roy Hutchison
My knives and throwing style

Been throwing 53 years, using my all distance Half-spin, up to 30 feet (9m),depending on knife-type. I throw by instinct, at any distance. I am currently perfecting my No-spin technique, and can do 17feet (5m) at present. (external link / new window)Details on my style are on Scott`s Throwzini site.

Roy passed away in 2013. Roy will be remembered by the throwing community as a very nice man, great to talk to, and crafty inventor.

Sorry, no picture available; 28.12.2006, #38Richard Eisinger (known as WIZ)
Brackley in Northamptonshire
I speak English

I have been throwing knives for over 30 years. I am willing to share my skills with anyone interested in learning to throw and I would like to meet other knife throwers.

Richard Sunderland; 12.01.2014, #61Richard Sunderland
I speak English

I have been throwing knives and axes since 2007 and have competed all over the world. In 2011 I won the IKTHOF world championship axe throwing event in the USA. Member of KATTA UK.

Sorry, no picture available; 28.01.2010, #47Kane Saull-Hunt
Sedlescombe, East Sussex
I speak English

Have been throwing axes and knives for most of my life.

Davor Aslanovski; 3.11.2007, #43Davor Aslanovski
I speak Croatian, English, French, and some German.

If anyone in my extended geographical area would like to practice together, or exchange thoughts, please e-mail me. I'm into throwing anything from sharpened carpentry nails to axes, but mostly stick to knives.

Lee Shaw; 29.7.2014, #63Lee Shaw
Leeds, West Yorkshire
I speak English

I've only been throwing since this spring when I met John Taylor and became a convert to this great sport of knife throwing. I am a member of KATTA UK and throw knives and hawks. I collect knives and enjoy throwing a variety of blades as well as my axes.

All around the world


In the area of Qingdao, knife and axe throwing has become a common trend, promoted by the martial arts school of the brand (external link / new window)Qingdao Longwu GuoshuTang (青岛龙武国术堂文化传播有限公司) - which has now 16 branch offices in eastern and central China. Together with throwing knife company China Dark Alliance (CHWL), a video-certification for knife throwing skills is provided.
Knife Throwing is also part of the Wudang International Martial Arts Conference (中国武当演武大会).

Logo CHWL China Dark AllianceThe history of China Dark Alliance, a company that designs and produces throwing knives.

Ju Zhenfei; 10.07.2020, #70Ju Zhenfei 渔翁
(external link / new window)Maipan blog

Ju Zhenfei is the founder and curator of the martial arts school (external link / new window)Longwu Tang. Locally, he is the martial arts instructor at primary schools. He teaches at a bodyguard school, and instructs several police and special services units. Ju is the first holder of level four of the Longwu Tang knife thrower certification scheme.

South Africa

Hugo Engelbrecht; 23.04.2018, #66Hugo Engelbrecht
Cape Town
I speak Afrikaans and English

Since very young, throwing any knife or any object any distance in the woods.


Charly from the (external link / new window)thailand martial art seminar company can point you to regular throwing lessons in Bangkok.

Pongsak Srisomsup; 20.3.2007, #39Pongsak Srisomsup
I speak Thai and English
Pictures of us throwing.
(external link / new window)Knife discussions I often join

I'm starting to learn how to throw from the Internet, but practice for 5 years already. We have a group of persons who love "Thaiblades". We throw knives, scissors, push daggers, Bo shuriken, mini Torpedos and folding knives. And the thai knife "E-nep".


American knife throwers who want to find other throwers in their vicinity, can have a look at Scott Gracias (external link / new window)list of local throwers in the United States of America.

If you like throwing, please add yourself to the list! Instructions see above.

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