Knife Throwers Meeting in Pullman City/Germany, 11th August 2007

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Group photo of the participating throwers.

For the third time already (2004 / 2005), we had a knife throwers and axe throwers meeting in (external link / new window)Pullman City, a wild west amusement park in the Bavarian Forest. As the big European meeting was scheduled nearby just a month later, only 9 participants came, mostly highly ranked sportsmen who wanted to assert their performance under competition conditions.

There were always some curious bystanders watching.Because of frequent rain, the targets were set up in the round pen, a horse training area with a roof. The targets were sturdy that they can be used again for the next event. Just before noon, we started with the competitions. There was one point-taking-arbiter per thrower (recruited from the other participants), and one main-arbiter, myself, giving the signals for throwing, and heeding the safety.

For lunch, most went to one of the rustic restaurants on site. Also, many visitors of the amusement park were very much interested in getting hands-on experience in throwing, and the professionals were very happy to pass on their knowledge.

After the axe events, there were some undecided discussions if throwing instinctively without a knowledge of the distance to the target is possible. And of course a relaxed throwing together for fun, sometimes from more unusual stances. Here, a stuntman from the park's horse show, "Red Bronc", cut the mustard. We were all very happy to meet such a seasoned thrower, who did not fail to win some events. After the award ceremony, we got hold of some thick steaks, and ended the evening in the saloon. Most throwers stayed in the area until the next day.

I want to take the opportunity to again thank the responsible people from Pullman City, especially Mr. Jeschke, for making this meeting possible!

Christian Thiel
(meeting organiser)


A very orderly competition: throw on signal, then get your tool back on the next signal.

Very orderly axe throwing competition.

No, seriously, Red Bronc and Dieter are not related!


Why go straight, if you can achieve the same thing backwards lying on the ground?

Throwing backwards, lying.

The official results

Knife 3m

Place 1 Michael Pahl 75 points Event Knives 3m
Place 2 Peter Kramer 73 points
Place 2 Red Bronc 73 points
Place 4 Dieter Führer 65 points
Place 5 Gregor Paprocki 62 points
Place 6 Christian Thiel 51 points
Place 7 Gabriela Beckmann 44 points
Place 8 Dominik Ochtyra 31 points

Knife 5m

Place 1 Peter Kramer 64 points Event Knives 5m
Place 2 Michael Pahl 55 points
Place 3 Dieter Führer 46 points
Place 4 Red Bronc 39 points
Place 5 Gregor Paprocki 33 points
Place 6 Gabriela Beckmann 29 points
Place 7 Christian Thiel 25 points
Place 8 Dominik Ochtyra 6 points

Knife 7m

Place 1 Gregor Paprocki 50 points Event Knives 7m
Place 2 Peter Kramer 34 points
Place 3 Michael Pahl 31 points
Place 4 Dieter Führer 22 points
Place 5 Red Bronc 16 points
Place 6 Christian Thiel 10 points
Place 7 Dominik Ochtyra 1 point

Axe 4m

Place 1 Red Bronc 67 points Event Axe 4m
Place 2 Dieter Führer 66 points
Place 3 Michael Pahl 66 points
Place 4 Peter Kramer 62 points
Place 5 Gregor Paprocki 60 points
Place 6 Christian Thiel 49 points
Place 7 Gabriela Beckmann 26 points
Place 8 Dominik Ochtyra 25 points

Axe 7m

Place 1 Red Bronc 62 points Event Axe 7m
Place 2 Michael Pahl 48 points
Place 3 Gregor Paprocki 46 points
Place 4 Dieter Führer 44 points
Place 5 Christian Thiel 21 points
Place 6 Dominik Ochtyra 5 points

The rules were as follows:

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