Glock Throwing Knife

The Glock FM 81 with saw-back (FM 78 without) really is a multi-purpose knife. The field knife of the Austrian army is well suited to carve, cut, dig, chop, break, open cans and can even work as machete replacement. And it can be thrown! This is the most interesting aspect for me, I can actually throw my daily cutting tool into a target any time I want, without it taking offense.

Glock throwing knife

Normally, I grip the knife at the handle. For this, I use a variant of the so-called hammer grip, only gripping it at the end of the rounded handle which fits well into the palm. To achieve this grip: Hold the throwing hand flat, palm up. Now grip the blade of the Glock knife with the other hand and put the end of the handle down vertically into the middle of your palm. Now tilt the knife into a horizontal position, between index finger and thumb, and close your hand.

My distances to the target are 2.4m for a half turn, 3.3m for a full and 5.3m for two turns.

You can also grip the knife at the blade, for those half-turn distances. For this, I clamp the blade between thumb and index finger. Just be careful, this is a real knife and you might well cut you at the saw back or sharp blade!

For more than ten years know, I have been using the Glock knife for my daily chores, and for eight years, I have been throwing it on a regular basis. In all this time, I only once had a broken blade. With a store price of 30 Euros (2006), such a loss can be replaced without much pain.

The knife has a total length of 29cm (blade: 16cm) and a weight of 200g. The blade is made from slow rusting carbon steel with a Rockwell hardness of 56-58.

Its only weak point: The blade is not stainless. Therefore, I dry the knife after having been out in the rain or snow, and cover it with a thin layer of Ballistol oil.

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