Silver Knife competition in Moscow, June 2010

"Silver Knife" competition, Moscow, 2010

The knife throwing competition "Silver Knife" took place for the 6th time on the 4th/5th of June in Moscow, with 70 knife throwers from all over Russian having shown up to compete.

The rules of the event were from the set of the (external link / new window)Unifight club, with the key points being:

  • Rectangular target (8x12 cm = bulls eye = 20 points, 16x20cm = 15 points, 19x28cm = 10 points, 27x36cm = 5 points)
  • Distances: Junior and women 3m and 5m, men 5m, 7m and 9m;
  • There are two rounds: One for qualification (15 throws per distance) and one final round (30 throws per distance, meaning a maximum of 600 points for the final).
The winners of the final rounds:
  Women 3m: Natalia Wachromeeva (540 points)
  Women 5m: Elena Polynova (380) [In the picture above the thrower in the middle.]
  Men 5m: Michail Sedyshev, Vitaliy Kim (505)
  Men 7m: Michail Sedyshev (475)
  Men 9m: Eugeniy Nikitin (350)

Out of the winners of the silver knife contest, unfortunately Michail Sedyshev was the only one that could also come to the European Championship in Knife Throwing of the EuroThrowers in Rome. There, he was unarguably the best thrower, with a big margin also to his Samara colleagues. As for Michail we know the points achieved in both competitions, European Championship and Silver Knife, we can for some non-trivial knife distance (here: 5m) calculate what percentage of the maximum number of points he could make. In Moscow, he achieved 84.1%, in Rome 85.7%. This is an identical level, allowing us the conclusion that the percentage of maximum points attained can well serve to compare two knife throwers' performances (for a certain distance) even when the points have been achieved under different rules.

Alexander Martynov
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German: Silberne Klinge, Moskau 2010