The knife thrower assistant must not be easily scared.

Report of the 1. Throwers Meeting in Pullman City / Germany (25. - 27. June 2004)

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Joe, the professional resident knife thrower of Pullman City.

The knife and axe throwers meeting in the wild west amusement park (external link / new window)Pullman City (near Passau, Germany) was held for the first time this year. Because it was scheduled on short notice, only few throwers could participate, but we had throwers joining us from abroad: three axe throwers from Switzerland arrived with their huge (external link / new window)Gransfors axes.

I arrived already Friday, the 25th, and could help painting the targets and enjoy the wild west atmosphere. The park sports a main street with a saloon and shops, and a very big area with a cavalry fort, log huts and tipis, all of which can be rented for accommodation. After the "American History Show", the local knife throwing professional demonstrated his skills to the public. He did not only throw knives around his assistant, but also axes and big nails.

The three throwers from Switzerland with the remains of the target. The program on Saturday started at ten o'clock. The eight throwers had the opportunity to have fun throwing at the targets that had been set up in the huge riding hall. The loose ground was a problem, because knives tended to bury themselves in it, prompting extensive searches. The throwers from Switzerland and a young park-guest had contact with the throwing of knives for the first time this weekend, but did surprisingly well in the contest. In the afternoon, the riding hall was occupied by shows, so we had relocate to a round pen for training. In the evening, the contests were finally held: Knives and axes for a short distance of three meters. The mode was simple, the participant threw one knife at each of the two targets, then it was the turn of the next thrower. Ten passes totalled in 20 throws for each thrower per event. The spectators could watch the fun from behind a fence at the side of the hall. One regular visitor spontaneously decided to participate in the contest. The axes really took their toll on the targets, which were only designed for knives. So shortly after the last contest, the very last of the targets crumbled.
The evening was very relaxed with dinner in the steak house (the menu included bison), some hours in the saloon and a late visit to the Hudson Bay bar. Most throwers could not stay for the night, but the guys from Switzerland accepted the offer to set up their tent beside the camping area for free.

All in all, the meeting passed in a relaxed atmosphere, the focus was on the exchange of experiences and the education of new throwers. I want to take the opportunity to again thank Mr. Dedy Jeschke from Pullman City, who made the meeting possible and made it fit into the local schedule! This first event was a successful test run and will find its continuation next year!

Christian Thiel

The official results

The results are also in the (external link / new window)database at StickingPoint.

Knives Short

Place 1 Michael P. 62 points
The knife throwing winners: Michael, Jerry and Gregor.
Place 2 Gregor Paprocki 46 points
Place 3 Jerry Müller 43 points
Place 4 Samuel Zimmermann 40 points
Place 5 Matoots Jost 25 points
Place 6 Raphael Schneider 19 points
Place 7 Christian Thiel 15 points

Axe Short

Place 1 Michael P. 60 points
The axe throwing winners: Michael, Raphael and Gregor
Place 2 Gregor Paprocki 47 points
Place 3 Raphael Schneider 38 points
Place 4 Hartmut Feldhahn 27 points
Place 5 Samuel Zimmermann 24 points
Place 5 Christian Thiel 24 points
Place 7 Matoots Jost 23 points
Place 8 Jerry Müller 17 points

The rules were as follows:

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