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Perfect Balance Sport

The Bowie-Axe is a classic, popular, and good throwing knife. And the company Cold Steel did have an excellent idea in producing a modern re-run dubbed Perfect Balance Thrower. Some years later, they came up with the concept of producing a "Sports" version of it, which is simply cheaper, with cheaper production quality. Well, bad idea - I would not recommend buying:

  total: 34.5 cm
  sharp blade: 16cm
weight: 340g
thickness: 3.5mm
centre of gravity: nearly in the middle, shifted a little bit towards the blade.
country of production: South Africa

Summary: Don't buy it, cheap price is no use if the quality is just not acceptable. I won't touch mine again, ever, after this one hour test drive. Go for the Perfect Balance Thrower instead.

The two-word review of this throwing knife: Too cheap!

* How can the throwing knife be 30% thinner but only 20% lighter? The answer is, the outlines are the same, but in the Sport version, the edge is not as wide, putting on weight.

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