TomToms Vido Tutorial on No Spin Knife Throwing

For several years already, (externer Link / neues Fenster)TomTom is focused on practicing knife throwing with no spin. In this one hour tutorial on no spin throwing, he dissects the elements of his own index finger spring pull throwing style. Including his signature effortless side arm motion, of course. TomTom also explains how to mix in throwing styles like Fedin.

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Chapter guide

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01:00 Intro
01:20 Grip
02:34 Backspin, Training
04:28 Avoid overtunred, try for underturned throws
05:36 Release
06:32 Pull-down technique for Your first Stick!
08:06 Adjusting for overspin
09:11 On practice
09:52 Clean throwing motion (and common wrong movements)
13:52 Doesn't work in slow motion
15:36 Learning backspin for underturned throws
17:40 Finding your own throwing technique (pull the knife)
22:00 No leaning in
23:37 Going for distance
24:17 No power muscles required
26:58 Add index finger spring for speed
30:01 Fedin grip and throw
34:46 Finnish grip (stronger pressure)
40:28 Different grips in practice
42:25 Fedin throw variations
45:46 Body wave mechanics for speed
52:34 SKANF technique ("cut", sudden stop of the movement)
53:59 On knives (6mm)
57:23 Make your own knives
58:07 Big distances (10m) are difficult
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German: Anleitungsvideo No-Spion Messerwerfen