Report on the 1. Throwers Meeting near Marseille in France on the 23th of April 2005

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Group picture with most throwers.

René Prin-Abeil did like the throwers meeting 2004 so much that he took it up to organise one this year himself. Thank you very much, René and helpers!
The contest area some minutes from Marseille is situated in an idyllic spot, from the manor where the throwers were accommodated one had a terrific view on to the aqueduct of Roquefavour.
Except for the distance event, all disciplines were conducted on Saturday, who pleased us with sun all day long, with only a little shower in the morning. The 19 participating throwers and the accompanying crowd were righteously tired in the evening when we gathered for a meal in the knight hall, but despite this many discussions on the rules ensued: the rule on zones for the distance event (see meeting PullmanCity 2005) was used for the first time, and some throwers had (external link / new window)good arguments why the zones should be separated from the distance event. The new knives 7m event was received rather well with 13 participants. The (external link / new window)European Throwing Club "Flying Blades" (Eurothrowers) presented himself and could gain some new members, among others (external link / new window)Christian Avakian, who produces a throwing knife well known in France. The two authors Michel Dujay (video) and Gérard Lecoeur (book) were also present.
On Sunday, the targets were disassembled together, also the target wall of Christian Buttarello, a hobby axe thrower who offers professional shows. But before this, there was of course plenty of time for free throwing, that is regarding other throwers and getting tips from them. For many, this was the most important time of the meeting.

I had very much fun and hope that next year, I will be able to go again to a meeting in France!

Christian Thiel


assembly of the targets     Friday morning saw the assembly of the targets, here Karl and Michel. In the background you the the aqueduct of Roquefavour.
The throwers could sleep in this manor.     manor
concentrated throwing     During the contest, everybody is fully concentrated.
The referee (here Claude) takes care of an orderly process and signals every throw.     Referee Claude
Work for the referees.     If a thrower misses the target, the referees find his tool for him.
Regaining strength at a good French meal in the knight hall. The results and rules are discussed.     Dinner.
Philippe     Philippe, best dressed thrower.
Magali gets awarded a certificate for the best throwing performance (knives 3m) of a woman. In the background, you can see the target wall of Christian Buttarello.     Magali, target wall


Knives short (3m)
Winners contest knives short: Gregor, Nicolas, Michael

Place 1 Micheal Pahl (DE, m) 71 points
Place 2 Gregor Paprocki (DE, m) 67 points
Place 2 Nicolas Richalet (F, m) 67 points
Place 3 Benjamin Simon (F, m) 62 points
Place 5 Christian Buttarello (F, m) 56 points
Place 6 Claude Neufsel (F, m) 55 points
Place 7 Philippe Catania (F, m) 54 points
Place 8 Michel Dujay (F, m) 45 points
Place 9 Joanes Ithurralde (F, m) 44 points
Place 10 Gérard Lecoeur (F, m) 39 points
Place 11 Jean Gilbert (F, m) 38 points
Place 11 Pascal Carcanague (F, m) 38 points
Place 13 René Prin-Abeil (F, m) 35 points
Place 14 Magali Compagnon (F, f) 28 points
Place 15 René Della-Negra (F, m) 17 points
Place 15 Christian Thiel (DE, m) 17 points
Place 17 René Pons (F, m) 16 points
Place 18 Siegrid Catania (F, f) 11 points
Place 19 Christian Avakian (F, m) 10 points

Knives middle (5m)
Winners contest knives middle: Benjamin, Gregor, Michel

Place 1 Benjamin Simon (F, m) 56 points
Place 2 Gregor Paprocki (DE, m) 48 points
Place 3 Michel Dujay (F, m) 46 points
Place 4 Philippe Catania (F, m) 41 points
Place 5 Michael Pahl (DE, m) 37 points
Place 6 Claude Neufsel (F, m) 34 points
Place 7 Christian Buttarello (F, m) 30 points
Place 8 Joanes Ithurralde (F, m) 28 points
Place 9 Nicolas Richalet (F, m) 27 points
Place 10 Jean Gilbert (F, m) 18 points
Place 11 Christian Avakian (F, m) 17 points
Place 11 Pascal Carcanague (F, m) 17 points
Place 11 René Prin-Abeil (F, m) 17 points
Place 14 Gérard Lecoeur (F, m) 6 points
Place 15 Sigrid Catania (F, f) 4 points
Place 15 Christian Thiel (DE, m) 4 points

Knives long (7m)
Winners contest knives long: Benjamin, Gregor, Philippe

Place 1 Benjamin Simon (F, m) 50 points
Place 2 Philippe Catania (F, m) 37 points
Place 3 Gregor Paprocki (DE, m) 27 points
Place 4 Nicolas Richalet (F, m) 25 points
Place 5 Joanes Ithurralde (F, m) 24 points
Place 6 Michel Dujay (F, m) 20 points
Place 7 Claude Neufsel (F, m) 19 points
Place 8 Christian Buttarello (F, m) 17 points
Place 9 Pascal Carcanague (F, m) 16 points
Place 10 Christian Avakian (F, m) 14 points
Place 11 Michael Pahl (DE, m) 13 points
Place 12 Christian Thiel (DE, m) 8 points
Place 13 René Prin-Abeil (F, m) 7 points

Knives distance
There were 10 participants in this discipline. Because we used the zone-rule for the first time (see rules for PullmanCity2005), and there were discussions on awarding points unter these rules, only the clear first 3 winners are shown. Distance only recorded with overall winner.
Winner contest knives distance: Banjamin, Philippe, Nicolas

Place 1 Benjamin Simon (F, m) 13,10 meters
Place 2 Philippe Catania (F, m) Zone C
Place 1 Nicholas Richalet (F, m) Zone C
No hits: Christian Thiel; Up t zone A: Pascal Carcanague, Janes Ithurralde, Micheal Duja, Michael Pahl; Up to zone B: Claude Neufsel, Gregor Paprocki; Winners in zone C.

Axe short (4m)
Winner contest axe short: Gregor, Christian, Michael

Place 1 Christian Buttarello (F, m) 63 points
Place 2 Gregor Paprocki (DE, m) 50 points
Place 3 Michael Pahl (DE, m) 48 points
Place 4 Christian Avakian (F, m) 46 points
Place 5 Philippe Catania (F, m) 45 points
Place 6 Claude Neufsel (F, m) 42 points
Place 7 Benjamin Simon (F, m) 39 points
Place 8 Joanes Ithurralde (F, m) 35 points
Place 9 Michel Dujay (F, m) 20 points
Place 9 Christian Thiel (DE, m) 20 points
Place 11 Magali Compagnon (F, f) 19 points

Axe middle (7m)
Winner distance axe middle: Gregor, Christian, Christian

Place 1 Gregor Paprocki (DE, m) 39 points
Place 2 Christian Buttarello (F, m) 36 points
Place 3 Christian Avakian (F, m) 31 points
Place 4 Benjamin Simon (F, m) 29 points
Place 5 Michael Pahl (DE, m) 27 points
Place 6 Michel Dujay (F, m) 26 points
Place 7 Claude Neufsel (F, m) 17 points
Place 8 Christian Thiel (DE, m) 15 points
Place 9 Philippe Catania (F, m) 14 points
Place 10 Joanes Ithurralde (F, m) 9 points

Axt Distanz
There were 9 participants in this contest. Only farthest distance recorded.
Winners contest axe distance: Benjamin, Gregor, Christian

Place 1 Christian Buttarello (F, m) 17,40 meters
Place 2 Gregor Paprocki (DE, m) 2 points
Place 2 Benjamin Simon (F, m) 2 points
No hits: Claude Neufsel, Joanes Ithurralde, Christian Thiel, Michael Pahl, Philippe Catania, Michel Dujay;
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