First Big Throwers Meeting in Grenoble/France, 9th/10th September 2006

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Group photo Grenoble 2006

This year, the Big Throwers Meeting took place in the French alps near Grenoble. As promised, Christian Buttarello invited knife throwers and axe throwers from all over Europe to his small town of Allevard near Grenoble in France. Right across the street of his bar "Géronimo" the throwing area was prepared.

Many throwers arrived already on Thursday, so that in the evening we were 20 people together enjoying the evening, company and food in a newly opened restaurant above the park. Friday morning, people started to train at the throwing area: on the free place, two wooden walls had been erected at opposite ends (much work for Christian B. and Dominique). On each of them, 6-8 target made from tree rounds had been securely mounted with screws. All were placed at the same height, so it was not necessary to rotate during the competition. Some little tree rounds at each wall and one in the background (which could be used even during contest for training) provided ample opportunity to throw at, and ample backup in case some of the targets would be destroyed during the competition. The floor directly in front of the targets was covered by wood, as to prevent damage to the knives, and to the sides and top of each wall planks were fitted to catch astray rebounds.

Knife throwing, with spectators on the tarrace in the background.

The contests started on time Saturday morning at 9 o'clock. The spectators had taken seats on the terrace of the bar or stood watching at the fence, especially the locals who came by out of curiosity. Until the evening, the events knives 3m, 5m and 7m and axes 4m, 7m and long distance were carried out. The only interruption was for lunch, local specialties (polenta, sausages) prepared on site by a cook, who had taken the day off for this occasion. Thank you again for stopping loud kitchen work whenever competition throws were due! During the contest, the main arbiters (Michel Dujay, Gérard Lecoeur, Philippe Catania, Claude Neufsel) took turns in watching over the safety and giving the throwing orders (in French only, like most of the announcements). As usual, the points were taken down by currently not-throwing competitors. The two participating female throwers did well with their axes and knives. The highlight of the evening was a concert by the coverband (external link / new window)Angus le Jeune, and the night ended with dancing, chatting and foosball.

With 134 registrations and 30 competitors, the contest was very well attended. Slightly more than half of the throwers were from France, the rest from Germany, Switzerland and, for the first time, from Italy. Having traveled from Rome, Americo Sabato, the president of an Italian knife throwing association (external link / new window)ALSI, agreed with the managing committee of our European Throwing Club (external link / new window)Eurothrowers on an informal collaboration.

Sunday saw the event knives long distance before the eyes of supportive spectators. Then, the winners were awarded certificates and could chose among the prices donated by Christian Buttarello, Gérard Lecoeur and Christian Thiel. Now finally the place was open for pure fun throwing, and the competitors took the opportunity to try out different knife and axe models from fellow throwers. Many members of the local public took the courage to get some throwing lessons. Michel was busy with his machine, engraving knives. In the afternoon, the very favorable weather (caps were a good idea against the sun) turned to rain, and the meeting fell apart. Christian Buttarello invited the remaining throwers to a crèperie, where we passed a very nice evening. I stayed in town for some days to do some hiking on the well-marked paths in the mountains.

Again many thanks to Christian Buttarello for making possible this meeting at his place, and for the heartily welcome. And also thanks to Claude and Gérard who helped with the organisation and promotion in France.

I had very much fun throwing and joking during these days, meeting many familiar faces. If next year (or in 2008) there is again a meeting in Grenoble, I will be there.

Christian Thiel and the host, Christian Buttarello
    Christian Thiel

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The official results

Knives Short (3m)

Claude, Gregor, Benjamin, Nicolas

PlaceName (Country) female participantPoints
1Benjamin Simon (FR)82
2Gregor Paprocki (DE)71
3Nicolas Richalet (FR)65
Claude Neufsel (FR)65
5Gilbert Jean (F)64
Christian Buttarello (F)64
7Philippe Catania (FR)63
Cristini Stefano (IT)63
9Peter Kramer (DE)61
10Samuel Zimmermann (CH)59
Dieter Führer (DE)59
Jerry Müller (CH)59
13Norber Maier (DE)56
Michael Pahl (DE)56
15Emji Wadel55
Michel Dujay (FR)55
17Jacques Fournet-Fayard (FR)51
18Sigrid Hansen-Catania (FR) f45
Pascal Carcanague (FR)45
20René Prin-Abeil (FR)42
Christophe Giardinelli42
22Dominique Gagnon (FR)36
23Américo Sabato (IT)34
Christian Thiel (DE)34
25Anne-Cécile Fournet-Fayard (FR) f33
26Laurent Mathieu23
27Gérard Lecoeur (FR)19

Knives Middle (5m)

Peter, Benjamin, Philippe

PlaceName (Country) female participantPoints
1Benjamin Simon (FR)62
2Peter Kramer (DE)52
3Philippe Catania (FR)51
4Dieter Führer (DE)50
5Michael Pahl (DE) 49
6Gilbert Jean (FR)44
7Michel Dujay (FR)43
Norbert Maier (DE)43
9Claude Neufsel (FR)40
Gregor Paprocki (DE)40
11Nicolas Richalet (FR)39
12Dominique Gagnon (FR)32
Christophe Giardinelli32
Jerry Müller (CH)32
15Christian Buttarello (FR)31
16Americo Sabato (IT)29
17Jacques Fournet-Fayard (FR)27
18Emji Wadel25
19Pascal Carcanague (FR)24
20Stephano Cristini (IT)22
21Christian Thiel (DE)20
22René Prin-Abeil (FR)17
23Samuel Zimmermann (CH)16
24Anne-Cécile Fournet-Fayard (FR) f3

Knives Long (7m)

Gregor, Benjamin, Michael

PlaceName (Country) female participantPoints
1Gregor Paprocki (DE)45
2Benjamin Simon (FR)43
3Michael Pahl (DE)42
4Claude Neufsel (FR)31
5Christophe Giardinelli30
Philippe Catania (FR)30
7Jerry Müller (CH)29
8Peter Kramer (DE)26
9Dieter Führer (DE)24
10Nicolas Richalet (FR)22
Emji Wadel22
12Michel Dujay (FR)20
13Pascal Carcanague (FR)19
14Christian Buttarello (FR)18
Dominique Gagnon (FR)18
16Jacques Fournet-Fayard (FR)17
17Norbert Maier (DE)13
Americo Sabato (IT)13
19Christian Thiel (DE)11
20Samuel Zimmermann (CH)10
21René Prin-Abeil (FR)9
22Stefano Cristini (IT)6

Knives Distance

Gregor, Philippe, Nicolas

PlaceName (Country)Distance (in m)
1Gregor Paprocki (DE)12.20
2Philippe Catania (FR)12.12
3Nicolas Richalet (FR)11.72
4Claude Neufsel (FR)11.55
5Benjamin Simon (FR)10.80
6Jerry Müller (CH)10.30
7Peter Kramer (DE)10.05
8Michael Pahl (DE)10
9Dieter Führer (DE)9.06
10Dominique Gagnon (FR) 8.60
11Norbert Maier (DE)7.28
12Michel Dujay (FR)7
Samuel Zimmermann (CH)7
14Christian Buttarello (FR)5.92
15Christian Thiel (DE)4.60

Axe Short (4m)

Gregor, Christian

PlaceName (Country) female participantPoints
1Christian Buttarello (FR)67
2Stefano Cristini (IT)65
3Gregor Paprocki (DE)62
4Michel Dujay (FR)59
5Jacques Fournet-Fayard (FR)56
Norbert Maier (DE)56
7Benjamin Simon (FR)53
8Philippe Catania (FR)52
9Samuel Zimmermann (CH)51
10Dominique Gagnon (FR)49
Dieter Führer (DE)49
Michael Pahl (DE)49
David Muller (CH)49
14Americo Sabato (IT)48
Mathias Jost (CH)48
16Jerry Müller (CH)47
17Christian Thiel (DE)44
18Claude Neufsel (FR)24
19Christophe Giardinelli23
20Anne-Cécile Fournet-Fayard (FR) f20
21Alain Gentil-Perret (FR)13

Axe Middle (7m)

Dieter, Philippe, Christian

PlaceName (Country)Points
1Christian Buttarello (FR)47
2Dieter Führer (DE)46
Philippe Catania (FR)46
4Benjamin Simon (FR)42
5Michel Dujay (FR)37
6Michael Pahl (DE)36
7Christope Giardinelli29
Stefano Cristini (IT)29
9Norbert Maier (DE)27
Gregor Paprocki (DE)27
11Mathias Jost (CH)26
Americo Sabato (IT)26
13Jerry Müller (CH)25
14Samuel Zimmermann (CH)20
15Claude Neufsel (FR)19
16David Müller (CH)18
17Jacques Fournet-Fayard (FR)16
18Christian Thiel (DE)15
19Dominique Gagnon (FR)12
20Laurent Mathieu (FR)8

Axe Distance

Norbert, Dieter, Christian

PlaceName (Country)Distance (in m)
1Christian Buttarello (FR)12.70
2Norbert Maier (DE)10.91
Dieter Führer (DE)10.90
4Mathias Jost (CH)10.10
5Gregor Paprocki (CH)9.90
6Laurent Mathieu (FR)8.20
7Michel Dujay (FR)8
8Samuel Zimmermann (CH)7.30
9Jerry Müller (CH)7.10
10Benjamin Simon (FR)7

The rules were as follows:

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