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All started back in 1998 (that's right, in the last millenium) when I tried to find out on the Internet how to throw knives. Finding no pages in my native language, German, I turned to English resources. With them, I educated myself and published my experiences at (external link / new window)Messerwerfen.de [German for knife throwing]. As time went by, the site grew bigger and I met other throwers, what eventually lead to our first (external link / new window)national contest near Berlin, and later to the formation of the European throwing association (external link / new window)EuroThrowers. Since it's inception, I'm on the managing committee of the EuroThrowers, currently as the chairman, responsible for planning the annual World Championship.

At one point, I decided to make the most important chapters of my pages available in English, as well as to provide an international version of the online-shop with selected throwing knives.

There are many more fine webesites on knife throwing available, and you will often find links to them for further information. Knifethrowing.info provides an additional approach, especially suited for beginners, as well as being a little bit targeted for Europe (not the heavyweight knives, explanations without baseball-techniques...).

If you have any questions on knife throwing that were not answered on these pages, or have some review/article/pictures that you would like to see published here, please contact me!

In case you wonder what this site is all about, (external link / new window)visit Knife-Throwing.info for a short introcuction into the sport of knife throwing. And if you came here looking for a throwing knife, (external link / new window)go to Throwing-Knife.com for a summary of the qualities of a good throwing knife, and then browse our throwing knife reviews.

Christian Thiel
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