Report of the 3. Throwers Meeting at the LBHR in Müncheberg/Berlin 29. - 31.08.2003

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Group photo with nearly all competing throwers. Fortunately, the hot summer had chosen this weekend to make a break, otherwise the third Throwers Meeting at the (external link / new window)Little Big Horse Ranch would have been quite sweaty. Being as it is, the event was held in perfect t-shirt conditions.
As usual, the first throwers from the south of Germany arrived on Friday. They could still see the color drying on the targets and of course try out the training target that had a generous backstop to catch missed throws. The camp fire was put out by rain, so the dinner sausages had to be eaten in the waterproof "saloon", where you could join in on throwing related discussions till late at night. The accommodations for the night were the brand new Indian round hut, the tent or the "living room in the hay". Throwers from farer away, like Michel Dujay from southern France, enjoyed the comfort of a nice hotel in town.
After the breakfast on Saturday, everybody started his training throws, and more and more throwers arrived, among them many faces familiar from previous meetings. Last preparations were made to get the competition targets ready, which were aligned in a semi-circle this year to make the area easier to overlook for the spectators. Philippe Catania and wife arrived from Corsica, so everybody had a chance to warm up his French and English.
Knife throwers in action during the competition. After lunch, a goulash soup from the campfire, Christian Prestin explained the security rules and opened the competition. There was no special event for women this year, experiences from previous events show that they tend to throw better than men! The well proven order for the events remained unchanged: knives short, knives middle, axes short, axes middle, knives distance, axes distance. At each of the seven targets there was a referee and a secretary who were recruited among the non-throwing participants and competent spectators. This minimized the number of non-throwing helpers necessary. In the brakes you could abuse the training target, enjoy a coffee from the bar or go to the table of the jury to examine Dieters knives and the videos from our shop that were exposed there for sale.
Thanks to the organizers, all events passed without problems! The big thing were the distance events, where we had two new records this year. Holzfäller Jack just walked to the 16 meter line, threw and planted the axe in the target... The rest of the throwers could just struggle for the second and third place :-) At the following award ceremony, it was evident that some throwers were again in top places at multiple events. The day ended relaxed around the campfire with animated chats till late at night.
Foundation of the club. Sunday started gemütlich with breakfast and fun throwing, that is everybody could try out other knives/tools or crazy throwing styles. Quite some throwers sadly had to travel home already. Noon then saw an event very important for our sport: the foundation of the first European Throwing Club! Even though the negotiations had to be done with simultaneous translation German/French, the fourteen founding members could finally agree on name and statute, and the (external link / new window)European Throwing Club Flying Blades (Eurothrowers) came into existence! The goal of the club is to network axe- and knife throwers throughout Europe and to assist in organising events. Additionally, the public shall be informed about our sport.

Many thanks again to Christian Prestin and the whole team from the LBHR who organised this event! Next year, the torch is to be passed on, so that the Big Throwers Meeting can perhaps be held in another country.

Christian Thiel

More pictures

Thanks to the hobby photographers for their pictures! A: Alleswerfer D: Michel Dujay

The results

The (external link / new window)official list can be found at the LBHR. The results are also in the (external link / new window)database at StickingPoint.

Knife short

Place 1 Michael 65 points
Place 2 Thomas 58 points
Place 3 Franz 57 points
Place 3 Daniel 57 points
Place 5 Philippe 56 points
Place 6 Dieter 50 points
Place 7 Steffen 49 points
Place 8 Jenny 47 points
Place 9 Holzfäller Jack 42 points
Place 10 Doc 41 points
Place 11 Nadine 40 points
Place 12 Michel 34 points
Place 13 Sigrid 29 points
Place 14 Frank 27 points
Place 15 Hacker 25 points
Place 16 Matze 22 points
Place 17 Medi 21 points
Place 18 Peter 19 points
Place19 Heiko 11 points
Place20 Christian T. 8 points
Place21 Christoph 5 points
Place22 Annette 0 points

Knife middle

Place 1 Michael 41 points
Place 2 Franz 38 points
Place 3 Daniel 35 points
Place 4 Dieter 32 points
Place 5 Michel 30 points
Place 6 Philippe 30 points
Place 7 Holzfäller Jack 26 points
Place 8 Thomas 24 points
Place 8 Hacker 21 points
Place 8 Medi 15 points
Place 11 Doc 13 points
Place 11 Christian T. 13 points
Place 13 Matze 8 points
Place 14 Sigrid 3 points

Knife distance

Place 1 Philippe 11,30 meter
Place 2 Michael 10,70 meter
Place 3 Dieter 8,43 meter
Place 4 Michel 7,95 meter
Place 5 Hacker 6,78 meter
Place 6 Daniel 5,04 meter
Place 7 Christian T. -
Place 8 Holzfäller Jack -
Place 8 Franz -

Axe short

Place 1 Thomas 62 points
Place 2 Michael 60 points
Place 3 Franz 58 points
Place 4 Alleswerfer 56 points
Place 5 Daniel 53 points
Place 6 Standing Bear 45 points
Place 7 Medi 44 points
Place 7 Schredder 39 points
Place 7 Dieter 34 points
Place 10 Holzfäller Jack 31 points
Place 11 Doc 22 points
Place 12 Jenny 21 points
Place 13 Frank 9 points

Axe middle

Place 1 Michael 48 points
Place 2 Dieter 46 points
Place 3 Holzfäller Jack 34 points
Place 4 Alleswerfer 26 points
Place 5 Doc 24 points
Place 6 Standing Bear 23 points
Place 6 Medi 23 points
Place 8 Daniel 20 points
Place 9 Franz 12 points
Place 10 Schredder 11 points
Place 11 Frank 10 points
Place 12 Thomas 6 points

Axe distance

Place 1 Holzfäller Jack 16,09 meter
Place 2 Franz 11,85 meter
Place 3 Dieter 10,22 meter
Place 4 Daniel 9,54 meter
Place 5 Michael 9,35 meter
Place 6 Schredder 6,96 meter
Place 7 Standing Bear -
Place 7 Frank -
Place 7 Thomas -

The rules were as follows:

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