Picture gallery for the third throwers meeting near Berlin

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the report

Will he stick it or not? Will he stick it or not?
On Saturday, everybody is warming up under the scrutiny of the spectators.

Champion and squatter doing expert talk. Expert talks throughout the area.

Empty competition place The competition place is still empty.

After the order of the referee, everybody is throwing at about the same time. Wertungswurf 1 - Frei!

Michel concentrating. The throwers have to concentrate.

Now it gets exciting: will he do it? The spectators are enthralled.
I shall again try it from further away? I shall again try it from further away? (Philippe is not so sure of himself, but tries - and wins.)

Who says, knife throwing is nothing for older people? The oldest spectator gives it a try.

Dieter reads Der Mann mit dem Messer. As a nice finish at the campfire, Dieter reads the short story "Der Mann mit dem Messer" (The man with the knife) by Heinrich Böll.

Thanks to the hobby photographers for their pictures! A: Alleswerfer D: Michel Dujay
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German: Werfertreffen LBHR 2003 (Bilder)