Picture gallery for the second throwers meeting near Berlin

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Warm up for all throwers. Christian Prestin explains the rules.
After the warm-up, the rules must be explained...

Full concentration for the knife throwers. The axe throwers all stand some way behind the 3m-lines.
...than it is full concentration.

I try the axe. Christian Thiel throws the axe.

A secretrary notes the points. That has to be measured.
The secretaries note the scores. In difficult situations, the main-referee has the last word.

The scores are hacked into the computer after each round. All scores go into the computer after each round.

The contest site, Christian Prestin with some trophies. Before Christian Prestin can hand out the trophies in the knife short men event, an "ordeal" is necessary because of equal scores: Who of the both can stick his knife into the target that is in the height of 4,5m?

Franz and Wolfgang try. Franz and Wolfgang try hard, Franz has luck! Franz`s knife sticks!

It´s hard work to get that knife down! The helpers are happy that this target is not used regularly! Paco stuck his new throwing knives from a distance of 10m. Paco had no problem getting his knives into the high target from 10m away.

Melanie throws. What is this? A bayonet?
This year, there was an extra women event with knives. Franz is examining the bayonet that Melanie throws.

Group picture of the event knives short under 18. The dogs must get off, sorry.
There was also a children or better "under 18" scoring. But the dogs will have to wait a while for (external link / new window)their event.

Many thanks to the press photographer Johann Müller from Döbberin for the pictures marked with M.
There is even more, see our merry collage.
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German: Werfertreffen LBHR 2002 (Bilder)