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Adam Celadin throws knives without spin. AceJet, thank you for providing the photo. Adam Čeladín found his life goals in no-spin knife throwing. With this throwing style, the knives do not rotate in flight, and they always reach the target tip first. His (external link / new window)videos made no spin knife throwing popular, to the point where the style was officially included in the World Championship. If there was a no-spin event at a championship, you could be sure that Adam was to be found in the Top-3.

Building on his experience, Adam now operates the AceJet shop where he offers no spin throwing knives designed by him.

Now for some promotion:

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At (external link / new window) you can enjoy a 5% discount using the coupon-code WHLSLD5.
Shopping directly at the manufacturer website gives you the widest selection of throwing knives - and direct contact to the makers. To claim the discount, simply add the code to the "Discount coupon" line in the shopping cart - but remember it only works at (external link / new window)AceJetOfficial, not on Amazon.

In either case, you get a cool throwing gadget, and earns a commission.

The sturdy throwing knives and the throwing targets are produced in the Czech Republic. Adams team is experienced in shipping worldwide.

One throwing knife and one target get a special recommendation:

Stinger no-spin throwing knife by AceJet The (external link / new window)Stinger throwing knife is perfect to start your no-spin throwing journey. The drop-shaped handle design has been made popular by TomTom - it means the bulk of the weight is inside your hand. Thus, it becomes easy to thrust the knife towards the target in a way that does not impart spin.

In my personal throwing style, I release the Stinger while the tip is pointing to the sky. That means I have to take care to even add a tiny bit of rotation so it hits point first.

The Stinger is manufactured using CSN 14260 spring steel, this is equivalent to EN 1.7102 (54SiCr6). Its weight of over 240g puts in exactly into the weight range I prefer for my no spin knife throwing.

If you need more weight in your hand (my arms tell me they don't) then do consider the (external link / new window)Stinger Slider: It has hefty 350g of steel, and features a novel finger-guiding groove on one knife spine, to assist in sliding throws!

Portable endgrain knife throwing target by Acejet - Endgrain Oblong Pro 20 The lovely (external link / new window)Endgrain Oblong Pro 20 target is a very handy and very portable construction. Its weight of only 5½ kg means you can just go into the garden and dangle it from something solid. Or you take it on the road in your trunk for occasions when the throwing bug bites you while traveling. The dimensions of 47 cm by 36 cm means you won't miss frequently.

Just comme il faut, the target face shows no metal, and features endgrain wood. Your knives will stick more easily compared to planks with vertical grain. The spruce blocks should last a good while, but can not be replaced.

Please position the target in a way that no trees take damage from missed throws.

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