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Big Throwers Meeting / World Championship and European Championship in Knife Throwing and Axe Throwing

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To promote the exchange between axe- and knife throwers, already in 2001 the European Throwing Club Flying Blades ((external link / new window)EuroThrowers) has started the "Big Throwers Meeting / European Championship". This event has since been established as the both the central annual competition and relaxed and friendly meet up for throwers from all over the world, and is assigned to a different country each year.

Every couple of years, the event is designated as World Championship, and organised on a very big scale. For example in the World Championship in Callac, France, 2014, there were throwers from 12 nations competing, with teams from countries as diverse as Italy, Russia, Switzerland or the Czech Republic.

To understand why the Big Throwers Meeting / World and European Championship is really the most important event for knife throwers and axe throwers each year, just read the reports about the last years' events.

In 2015, the World Championship was held in Huthwaite, England, and we met in Maniago, Italy, for the 2016 World Championship.

Have a look at our calendar of important knife thrower meetings worldwide.

European Championship in Knife- and Axe Throwing / 17th Big Throwers Meeting, September 1-3 2017, Alsómocsolád, Hungary

Alsomocsolad village and lake.The EuroThrowers Championship 2017 will be held in Hungary, organised by seasoned competition knife thrower János Kohl, and the local Alsómocsolád sports club - in conjunction with the village sports festival.

As usual, the most important goal is to get together knife and axe throwers from all over the World for some days of throwing in a relaxed atmosphere. Meeting old friends and finding new ones, learning some new throwing tricks. Having fun with wacky targets and throwing games. And, of course, we'll have a competition: The European Championship!

Alsómocsolád is a small, rural town in South-West Hungary - only 80 car minutes from famous holiday destination lake Balaton, and only 2½ train hours by car from young and beautiful Budapest, or 4 car hours from Vienna. An extended holiday thus sounds like a good idea!

János Kohl does speak Hungarian, English, and German, so organising your stay won't be hard. Registration and members meeting is scheduled for Friday, the competitions run on Saturday and Sunday.


The competition will take place at the (external link / new window)Sport Stadion of (external link / new window)Alsómocsolád in Hungary.

To get a feeling for the venue, (external link / new window)watch a report on last year's throwing competition there.

The event location - picture taken at the 2016 event.

Schedule / Registration / Travel

All details concerning schedule, your travel and accomodation, and registration for the competition are available at the organiser János Kohl:
(external link / new window)All details on the 2017 European Championship in Alsómocsolád


The detailed rules for the 2017 Championship will be posted here later.

We will employ the (external link / new window)European Knife and Axe Throwing Rules (version 2010, (external link / new window)available in 7 languages).

For each event, the thrower has to show up with three throwing tools (knives/axes). Exceptions only for throwing tools damaged during the meeting.

If ties need to be resolved, the following additional ranking factor will be used: The number of times a participant scored a 5-point stick (further using 4-3-2 sticks if necessary).


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