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Knife Thrower Meetings and Competitions

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There are many meetings and contests where one can meet fellow knife- and axe-throwers. (external link / new window)Throwzini has an overview of the meetings in the United States, while (external link / new window) and us cover Europe primary. (If you know of any meeting, please send us an email.)
The largest event in Europe has so far always been the Big Throwers Meeting / European Championship.

For many competitions, the (external link / new window)standard European Knife and Axe Throwing Rules are used.

Do have a look at the pictures in our reports on past meetings.

If you are interested in "throwing" a meeting in your country, or are just curious, join the (external link / new window)Eurothrowers mailinglist.

The (external link / new window)European Throwing Club "Flying Blades" (Eurothrowers) is of course another very important source. Among other things, they published a (external link / new window)best-practice handbook on how to organise throwing competitions.

  • 20th-21st of May 2017, Italian National Championship of AICS, Poggio Mirteto, Italy
    Arranged by seasoned competition organiser Stefano Cristini, the event will be the national Championship of the SILCA club, organised together with AICS.
    The competition is open to all throwers, for non-Italian participants there will be a special ranking. The registration fee is 30€.
    Registration and details available on request at (external link / new window)SILCA.
    Rules and Agenda in English

  • 2nd-4th of June 2017, Cup of the W Club, Beaver City, Strážek, Czech Republic
    The traditional cup of the Western Club. The (external link / new window)W Club is an active (external link / new window)member of the EuroThrowers, and (external link / new window)in 2013 held the European Championship. Events are in traditional western disciplines like lasso roping (Czech national championship!), and of course knife throwing and axe throwing ((external link / new window)rules).
    Please enquire for more information.

  • 9th-11th of June 2017, UK KATTA Championships, Huthwaite, Great Britain
    The central knife throwing gathering for Great Britain, organised by (external link / new window)KATTA UK, will be held in Huthwaite at (external link / new window)Dan Mosleys beautiful place, where also the 2015 EuroThrowers World Championship took place.
    The scores of non-UK residents do not qualify to be entered in the UK records, but will receive special prizes.
    Contact John Taylor for more information; (external link / new window)European Standard Rules will be employed;

  • 15th-18th of June 2017, World Championship in Double Axe Throwing, Laubach-Münster, Germany
    The (external link / new window)Asgard Throwers decided to go big, and this year host the World Championship in Double Axe throwing on their (external link / new window)premises.
    (external link / new window)Registration and rules (in English)

  • January to September 2017, Open Italian Knife and Axe Throwing Tournament, five locations, Italy
    Five Italian throwing clubs (Giusto Verso, (external link / new window)Compagnia del Coltello, Roosters, Salento Throwers, I Lupi) have grouped together to hold an open Italian tournament, taking place at five different locations throughout the year (event schedule). International guests are very much invited, and in the individual events there is of course a common ranking.
    Notable stages are the Trofeo Game Fair, which will be held on June 2-4 2017 in Grossetto together with a big (external link / new window)outdoor, animal and hunting fair, and the final event with award ceremony September 9-10 2017 in Campogalliano.
    More detailed information: See (external link / new window)website of the Compagnia del Coltello, their (external link / new window)facebook page , or contact Mauro Magnanini.

  • 1st-3rd of September 2017, European Championship / 17th Big Throwers Meeting, Alsómocsolád, Hungary
    The biggest European knife and axe throwing event each year. Do not miss!

  • 9th-10th September 2017, "Silver Knife" Knife Throwing Competition, Moscow, Russia
    For this established competition, more than 100 knife throwers from Russia and beyond are expected. The competition is the fourth and final stage of the "Cup of Russia". Throwing distances for men are 5m, 7m and 9m, for women 3m, 5m and 7m. (external link / new window)Special rectangular targets, the (external link / new window)rules (in Russian only) are close to EuroThrowers standard rules. Since it is not allowed to bring knives to Russia, the simplest solution is to buy or borrow some once getting there.
    For more information, registration and accommodation please contact (in English or Russian) Igor Lukash at Please plan ahead, as getting a tourist visa for Russia will involve some waiting.

  • There are several more knife thrower meetings in the Czech Republic this year. For many of them, the rules and details are available in English! Some events are 22nd of April 2017, the Spring Price of the W-Club, in the Western Town "Stonetown" (halfway between Praha and Brno), 17th of June 2017 the Silesian Knife Throwing Tournament in Kravaře, and 9th of September 2017, the Czech Championship in Knife and Axe Throwing in Suchdol (near Ostrava).

  • In Switzerland, the clubs of the Schweizer Werfervereinigung will host several competitions (18th of March, 1st of July, 19th of August, 7.-8. October), (external link / new window)details to be published.

  • Country-specific lists:
    Italy: (external link / new window)Associazione Lanciatori Sportivi Italia, (external link / new window)Scuola Italiana Lancio Coltelli ed Asce (several local chapters)
    Switzerland: (external link / new window)Schweizer Werfer Vereinigung
    France: Rencontres
    Czech Republic: Clubs (external link / new window)Naja and (external link / new window)W-Club
    Russia: Comprehensive list by Ivan Dolgikh at (external link / new window) ((external link / new window)2017 in English); also at (external link / new window)Iron Century club
    England: The (external link / new window)KATTA UK offers regular Knife Club throwing days.

  • Please contact us if you want to organise an event yourself.
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Logo of the European Throwing Club Eurothrowers. Click for information on the Big European Throwers Meeting.

Big Throwers Meeting / World Championship and European Championship

promoted by and (external link / new window) and (external link / new window)

To promote the exchange between axe- and knife throwers, in 2001 the European Throwing Club Flying Blades ((external link / new window)Eurothrowers) started the "Big Throwers Meeting / World and European Championship". This event has since been established as the both the central annual competition and relaxed and friendly meetup for throwers from all over Europe and the world, and is assigned to a different country each year.

If you are interested in organising the event in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Standard competition rules

In September 2008, representatives from 4 European countries negotiated a common set of competition rules. After a revision in 2010, those are used in most international European competitions:

(external link / new window)Standard European Knife and Axe throwing rules

Reports about past meetings

There are 5-10 meetings each year in Europe. For only a handful of them we have reports/pictures collected here.


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