Picture gallery for the second throwers meeting in Pullman City/Germany October 2005

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The clearly laid out competition layout.
The spectators settle down in some distance from the throwers. 
A very clear layout: the competition targets in the foreground, behind the main arbiter the training targets. The spectators settle down well behind the throwers, who are competing in the knives-3m event here.
There is an arbiter assigned to each target. He writes down the points achieved by a thrower and brings back the throwing tools for the next throw. These arbiters are simply throwers assigned to this job, they will change places with the now throwing competitors in the next round. Philippe takes down the points.
We are putting on a show in the riding hall! For the show the Pullman City had provided us with a big decorated wooden wall. We had much fun covering the cowboy in steel.
Michel Dujay at the distance event.

Michel Dujay is throwing the knife during the distance event, where he won the record with a stick from a distance of 13.16 meters.

Francisco, Thank You Very Much for the photos marked with F!
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German: Werfertreffen Pullman City 2005 (Bilder)